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    Upgrading from deep discount Y

    I am only Silver status and a non business flyer. I am flying QF9 tomorrow on a red e deal fare. I have enough points to upgrade either leg up to business. What are my chances? Should I ask at checkin or call? Thanks ETA. Aaah I think my chances are slim from Mel to Dubai at keast
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    Earning qantas status credits whilst burning?

    Do you earn status credits whilst burning points? I can't seem to find an answer. Thanks
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    QF9 / 10 retiming in November 2014

    I accidentally read "retiring". QF10 was half empty on monday
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    Is QF using the DXB works to test new QF9 tweeks

    Thanks. Changed to day before no problem :)
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    Is QF using the DXB works to test new QF9 tweeks

    I had no idea this was happening and I'm supposed to be flying to Ireland at 930 and I've booked that flight. What's the likelihood of qf letting me change my flight to the day before for free?
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    September 2013

    Anyone flying QF10 on Friday 27th?
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    Seriously, LAX lounge still horrible

    They wouldn't let me In. Pfft. Can I exit and go back to he bar
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    Seriously, LAX lounge still horrible

    Random bump sorry. Anyone know if I'll be able to get in the shared lounge with a complimentary qantas club pass before qf94? Thanks
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    QF93 diverted to Honululu

    We were on the plane for 17 hours. Was QF11 delayed? A few planes arrived the sane time. Never spent that long in customs at lax
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    Is there a doctor on the plane?

    QF93 has diverted to HNL due to a sick passenger. We are currently just sitting on the plane on the Tarmac
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    'Service' dogs on planes

    I know someone who has av"therapy dog". It's really just a guide dog though
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    Air Asia Document Check

    All I know is when I flew with them to London they seemed so suspicious. I only went over for two weeks with a small suitcase. When checking in at Melbourne the lady said "you're traveling LIGHT". Then at KL when boarding at the gate they were checking people's passports and I get pulled to the...
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    Anyone else having problems booking flights on the QF site?

    I booked an international flight Thursday and had to go through twice. Got a confirmation on screen but am yet to receive my eticket. I rang and the guy was really rude and just told me to wait a few days
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    25% bonus Qantas Points on international flights

    I booked LHR-MELl earlier in the day before I got The email. Not that it's eligible anyway
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    Wow to how this site has changed since I last visited years ago! (is it even the same site?). I am not a business flyer (though I wish I was) but I love flying and take a few international trips per year :)