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Recent content by fiBer

  1. fiBer

    AMEX Platinum Charge Benefits - Q&A

    No issues at domestic lounges at any time with any of my supps. Only issue I had when I was a supp charge holder was in HKG Centurion lounge - on entry they scanned the card, questioned me on "who's account this was" and after explaining (that I was good friends with the account holder), they...
  2. fiBer

    Your Golden Opportunity (massive amex referral bonus)

    Only a new Platinum Charge member here (1 month old) and received the 250k/100k offer. So surprised!
  3. fiBer

    Reduced AMEX earn rates from April 2019

    I too rang Amex this arvo to query my situation. After my ramblings about my years of being a member, my annual spend etc the (Australian) support agent stopped me to confirm I was "part of the very small select few to have their balances credited with the same number of rewards points on 15...
  4. fiBer

    Diners club companion card

    I too will dip into this Diners FX analysis. Used it a few times (where available) in HK last week, and can confirm on my statement there appears to be a higher rate calculated... Oct 7 HKD$1515 converted to AUD via Diners $278.08 (that day's spot rate suggested ~$271 AUD) Oct 8 HKD$2100...
  5. fiBer

    Flight Availability/Loadings & Upgrade Probability Help Desk

    Thanks. Better get cracking on other options :(
  6. fiBer

    Flight Availability/Loadings & Upgrade Probability Help Desk

    Morning All, Partner and I are waitlisted on CX161 on 30Sep. Any chance I could get an idea of the loadings - getting worried I should start to look at other return options. Thanks very much.
  7. fiBer

    CX Waitlist - New to Marco Polo

    Hi All, New to Marco Polo and Asia Miles and wondering how waitlisting works. My partner and I are flying to HKG in September (in Y) and can find availability for the first flight, however the return flight is "waitlisted". If we select the waitlist, what does this mean for the flight? If...
  8. fiBer

    Just for my free VEDA Credit File

    Thanks TomVexille!
  9. fiBer

    Just for my free VEDA Credit File

    Hi ComeFlyWithMe, which Veda product is this you're on? Exactly what I'm interested in however last time I signed up with Veda and paid, I heard nothing at all from them, ended up lodging a chargeback against my original signup.
  10. fiBer

    ATO Credit Card Points Summary

    Sorry all, just to clarify: HSBC QF Plat appears good for ATO spend so far @1:1?
  11. fiBer

    New Altitude Black has landed...

    Unless you use Amex Platinum Edge for 3 points/$ supermarket, 2 points/$ petrol purchases. Amex Plat charge card is 3:2:1 but not the same as Plat Edge. 3 for restaurants, 2 for travel etc and 1:1 for everything else (Utilities 0.5:1).
  12. fiBer

    New Altitude Black has landed...

    Base earn is 3 altitude points per $. This translates to: 160pts = 1 Air NZ airpoints $ or 1.5 MH/CX/SQ/VA per $.
  13. fiBer

    Card suggestions

    Thanks Prozac. A referral would be great...however does this cancel out the current 10,000pt sign-on bonus?
  14. fiBer

    Card suggestions

    Hi All, I too am in the depths of a card portfolio review...since Citibusiness gold no longer allows 1.25 pt transfers to QFF. With the Amex Platinum Edge, is the transfer from Amex rewards to other reward programs (eg VA/SQ etc) 1:1? So If I spend $10 at woolies = 30 MR points therefore...
  15. fiBer

    New Altitude Black has landed...

    Is this the same for Velocity? So in effect 1.5pts/$ Velocity points?