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    Alaska Airlines joining Oneworld

    I assume you earn SC with Alaska as the page on the QANTAS website for Alaska says you do but the QANTAS Partner Earn catagory page says "Qantas Points are earned on all eligible booking classes, except Alaska Airlines codeshare flights operated by an airline other than Qantas or a oneworld...
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    Fly Well. New QF Covid procedures

    To be honest on QANTAS the WiFi was always fast enough to stream so I usually choose that over shows offered anyway.
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    Odd letter with new Qantas Gold card

    I got my Platinum card for 31st May and I had qualified 6 months early with enough SCs and flights. I got the same wording saying "you may not qualify", seems like the letter is automatic with no checking.
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    Qantas Domestic & International Business Class meals/menus

    I agree something is always cooked to taste and to be frank who are QANTAS staff to tell me how to cook. You should never let other people tell you what you like, that is BS. We should always eat you like not what we like not what other people think.
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    Qantas extends current status Until at least March 2021

    I just got told my my status is extended. OK but I had the SC thanks but FTW.
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    ANZ card refused due to lack of 'embossed numbers'? (Europcar)

    To be honest I would say cancel my booking and walk next door to Avis.
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    Interesting Amex to velocity transfer

    Yes I am Platinum Amex.
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    Interesting Amex to velocity transfer

    So now if you transfer enough you can be Platinum.
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    ANZ card refused due to lack of 'embossed numbers'? (Europcar)

    Even Amex Platinum and Black cards dont have numbers embossed, OK they are not credit cards technically but if they cant use Europe car Europe card should give up and shut down. To be honest with my dealings with Europe car I would use Avis or Hertz.
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    Upgrading to AMEX Platinum?

    Platinum Charge has MR Premium which is almost the same except you can redeem to QANTAS as well as the normal Accent transfer airlines.
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    Delta buys 20% of LATAM, which will exit oneworld

    Looks like QANTAS benefits will be the same except maybe SCs on LATAM flight numbers probably, in the email LATAM sent today " As part of the ongoing work to implement our framework agreement with Delta, which seeks to provide our passengers with an industry-leading travel experience, we are...
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    Double the Fun [Double Velocity SCs, Book by 24 Nov, Travel by 13 Oct 2020]

    So my SCs for SYD-AKL posted double with points but my AKL-RAR flight upgrade from economy to business got zero SCs and zero points . Guess will need to call.
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    Black Eyed Peas QF BNE to SYD incident

    The biggest issue I have is when people do something wrong they don't take ownership and say OK I screwed sorry. Don't play the race card unless it it a real thing not just because you screwed up yourself.
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    QF 9 loads Ex PER versus Ex MEL

    Can't see QANTAS stopping the flight from PER-SYD any time soon if making a profit.
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    QF domestic service tired, slow... and what's with the Asian weddings???

    In the US there is concern about Debt as % of GDP but compared to Japan they are laughing.