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    Australian Reports of the Virus Spread

    News: Federal government pauses international arrivals for students and visa holders as it awaits Omicron information Observe the piddly delay - them party donor business need cheap imported labor, but it sure looks like no inrush for the silly season : See Personally I believe Omicron is out...
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    Predictions of when international flights may resume/bans lifted

    I am ashamed of Australia's actual medical performance relative to Singapore and Israel. Both are running their own trials. Both are probably running their own computer simulations, rather than let and depend on Pfizer going forward. Repeat for those super expensive F1? drugs. Maybe I just...
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    Australian Reports of the Virus Spread

    Lo hare manana. Who knew Faulty Towers wove its place into outback Australian culture. It will be interesting to see what NEW vaccination commercials will be run in Austria and Germany, because a thing called time has run out. In Australia there was no commercial with ticking attached. What...
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    Passport Renewal Notice

    Australian Passport cost through the roof (And a major greenhouse gas contributor). Australian born resident wants to renew her passport in Portland USA. Cannot be done remotely, must be done IN PERSON. LAX appointment waiting time close to 3 months. So flew to SFO -lucky cancellation. Sorry -...
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    General COVID-19 Vaccine Discussion

    Herd Immunity Observations. ACT is 97.7% plus vaccinated and covid is still being nasty and seeking out younger age groups. I suggest herd immunity is >97%. So it makes sense when Austria and Israel conclude 3rd and 4th boosters will be necessary, having rejected the Pfizer two shots and you...
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    Cost of Covid PCR tests by country for international travellers

    Thailand, coughet. PCR AUD $120-130 Rapid AUD $29 You will need both, plus an insurance policy, and phone data for the tracking app. Source: coughet Coronavirus RT-PCR with Fit to Fly Certificate or Rapid (Antigen) Test Previously you needed Baht 8000 to pay for 3 PCR tests. that ran at Baht...
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    Cost of Covid PCR tests by country for international travellers

    I wonder if you went into the local police station, and had a sworn officer sign and stamp a stat dec saying the covid test results belong to the person in the passport and other identification presented. In ACT that would be an AFP officer.
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    What happens if you catch COVID whilst overseas?

    A suspicious lawyer would argue being locked for 'observation' in a Thai hospital is not treatment. That fine article from Matt, means Thailand is out of the question for now.
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    Australian state border restrictions

    QLD welshes on the National Cabinet deal. I would say it, if the minutes were publicly available. For sure, I will not be booking a qld holiday, as I know they will react to bad news - with a lockdown. Besides Whitsundays are doing so well, they do not need tourist dollars in the high season. I...
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    Cost of Covid PCR tests by country for international travellers

    Pre Departure Express Pcr Test and 1 Day PCR Reduced to $79 @ Histopath Cost for Sydney folk is now gettable for AUD $79 Source was OzBargains less that 11 hours ago. If someone ever got aggressive, I suppose a 'Testing Bus' could be parked to collect the swabs after leaving T1, feeding drive...
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    The COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Australia has begun

    People in WHO must be shocked. Looking at PNG and Vanuatu, (Thailand?). I am shocked there was no viable way to accept such stock. Or is it not allowed to re-sell without permission? Maybe Cwth adds an Medicare surcharge for WA and QLD and NT for failing to take up shots. Could have been used...
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    SQ SYD/MEL-SIN $499 return

    Cheap $400 RTN fares on Cebu Air (Philippines) - eh plus extras. Not tempted for the same reason as Singapore - same again for PCR tests or the like. I don't know why the Federal govt gave Qantas and others all that free money , when the s**ts did not set up a testing station at the...
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    The COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Australia has begun

    Throwing out /Tipping Pfizer down the sink. It is reported we have tons of the stuff, approaching expiry date, that will have to be destroyed. I doubt it will be donated to 3rd world countries, but dumped on the sly. If doctors/providers don't know how to draw and dilute the stuff, we sure have...
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    Cost of Covid PCR tests by country for international travellers

    I have confirmed my accusation, that PCR tests are overpriced and a new tax on travel, and implied to be inefficient so as to spread the pork among the labs. Certainly it will diminish spur of the moment weekend travel. Here is a Thailand travel horror story: Tourists returning to Thailand...
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    General Discussion/Q&A on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Tread carefully or lawyers will push the natural justice angle. Someone on a trial vaccine is worthy of an exception or a special waiver after full consideration, not some preconceived notion. They guy has presented a valid argument, and narrow black letter law interpretations follow. Mixed...