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    Westpac Altitude 50,000 QFF points ($150 annual fee - waived for existing customers)

    Re: Westpac Altitude 50,000 QFF points ($150 annual fee - waived for existing cus... Also be aware, points cap at 2,500 per statement for QFF.
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    MEL-USM price drop thoughts

    It's the flight from *wherever* to USM that's the expensive part... so whilst getting to KL, BKK, or SIN is relatively inexpensive the flight to USM adds lots of $$ and then the hassle of non-airline organised connecting flights or stayovers. Saw a price of $989 on Tues so was tempting but...
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    MEL-USM price drop thoughts

    I had a look at a variety of options but found the connecting flights of those other than BKK were close and likely meant an overnight stay. Would save a couple hundred dollars each but didn't think worth the hassle. Getting to BKK was most convenient with Jet* so this may be my option with...
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    MEL-USM price drop thoughts

    As of yesterday I could see 11/7/2014 to 18/7/2014 MEL-USM flights with MH for around $1,350. Today they jumped to around $1,600. Can I ask from members experience the chance of the price coming back down, or, anyway to get this lower cost fare now? Thanks in advance.
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    Qantas CU - Platinum Visa

    Re: Check you statement for correct points given. 1 point per $1 spent. I'm in this same boat.... did you follow up?? Any update? Thanks.
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    HSBC QF Platinum - 20K points (+2 QP passes) - $199 Annual Fee [extended] to 30/06/12

    Re: HSBC Qantas Platinum - 20,000 points (+2 QP passes) - $199 Annual Fee until 31/03 Can the OP please change thread title for a revised expiry date? I know this is merely my laziness but I almost overlooked this thread as the titled stated a 31/03 expiry. Just had a look at the HSBC link...
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    Citibank Qantas Rewards Program going to $2 = 1 point

    Has anyone actually enquired to see if this is legal for Citibank to do this? No other card (that I have previously used at least, nor many that I have recently investigated) did I have to pay IN ADDITION to accrue for QFF points yet here I pay $49 for Citi and then have them change the...
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    Citibank Plat VISA 60 K , May 31

    I too just now confirmed by phone... they told me I was enrolled on the QFF rewards as at 15 July (which is correct date that I called to Opt-In) and the lady confirmed my QFF number. Usual story that she would send the rewards login problem to her manager to escalate. We shall see how it...
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    Citibank Plat VISA 60 K , May 31

    WOW! Outage for a week, so who knows when it'll be back on line... That's crazy! I need to cancel another card so as to credit their annual card fee, and I need to pay bills!!! What to do?? I agree with Cove that I need to confirm my status.... do you think if I call the Citi Service Centre...
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    Citibank Plat VISA 60 K , May 31

    I'm going through the steps to ensure my 60K points are credited to my QFF but when I select "Search Rewards" to see if I'm enrolled in QFF programme the site tells me: "We are unable to process your request. Please contact Citi Card Customer Care." I called Citibank and they did say they were...
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    Citibank Plat VISA 60 K , May 31

    It's one OR the other.... 1.25 points for each dollar spend (domestic) and 3 points for each dollar spent internationally OR 1 QFF point for each dollar spend By default you are on the first option unless you OPT-IN to Citi Qantas Rewards programme and pay an additional $49. Once you OPT-IN...
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    Citibank Plat VISA 60 K , May 31

    Isn't the 50K points also mean $250 for the card + $49 for QFF opt in? The reason I opted for the 60K points is the $125 offer as well. Here's hoping all goes through to my QFF if I do everything in the correct order.
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    Kuala Lumpur Hotels - Recommendations

    I've recently booked a trip to KL using AirAsia for mid-late August. I booked Hotel Istana for A$97 per night including breakfast via Price includes all taxes and fees ($77 per night without the additional fees). also gives the same rate. Never been there before but...
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    Travel Insurance that covers for airlines changing schedules?

    I don't think that's accurate.... In the PDS you link 1.2 WE WILL NOT PAY f] Delays or rescheduling by a bus line, airline, shipping line or rail authority. h] The mechanical breakdown of any means of transport.
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    Group bookings discount?

    Hi all, Does anyone know if group discounts on domestic travel (MEL->SYD) are available? If so, what is the discount and minimum number of people to be classified as a "group". Thanks.