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    Qatar Airways status match to Virgin Australia

    Thanks. But do we need to enter our QR number on the booking, or can we just use our Qantas number and then flash the QR card to get into the lounge?
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    Qatar Airways status match to Virgin Australia

    My wife and I both got our platinum matches through from Virgin over the long weekend. How do we use this if we are needing to book Qantas domestic flights? Make the booking through or usual travel agent and nominate our QR FF number instead of our Qantas one? Thanks in advance
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    The "I am in self-isolation" thread

    Update - onto day nine this morning. Had a second check from the police yesterday evening. They're definitely doing their job!
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    The "I am in self-isolation" thread

    I'm on day 6. Just had a visit from a couple of police offers to check on us. Glad they did - they said their particular unit is doing 200 checks per day.
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    Luxury Escapes - beware!

    I received a credit voucher from them. Accommodation was supposed to be 22 - 25th March. Initially they suggested I could re-book the hotel for another set of dates but I said it wasn't possible because we were supposed to be there for an event (which has been cancelled) and they instead gave...
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    The "I am in self-isolation" thread

    Today was day 3 for me. Flew back into Melbourne on Tuesday morning from Maldives via Singapore, a few hours before they closed the airport for non-residents and transit passengers. A bit of an adventure with multiple flights cancelled, borders closing in and stuck halfway around the world (away...
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    What "lessons" will VA learn from today's changes to QF's FF program?

    I've been Platinum for the last few years with VA and I'm a big fan. Lifetime status would be a good positive addition.
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    2019 Federal Election Discussion

    He was in 1F, so didn't need to
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    2019 Federal Election Discussion

    I sat directly behind Bill Shorten on a MEL-SYD flight about six weeks ago. Bill put his feet up on the bulkhead for most of the flight. Don't vote for Bill.
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    SQ F reward availability on VA

    I'm trying to redeem flights for 2 pax MEL-SIN in F. The Singapore Airlines website shows availability for 2 people on the dates we need, but when I call VA they say they only have one reward seat available. Any suggestions? It would cost me a lot more points to transfer over from VA to...
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    VA does "The Business" to its Sample LAX J Menu - Publishes PE menu Instead [Fixed]

    I'm currently on VA9 (BNE-LAX) in J and can confirm that this is not the business menu; it's PE. Business has champagne different food / beverage options. Also last page of that document references: WE_AUSLAX_MNU_MAR19 (W = PE). The physical copy in my hand says "JE" (J = Business).
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    VA 1M seat sale and 3x points

    I have MEL-LAX-MEL flights booked for next week on Freedom fares (VA Plat) - is it worth cancelling and re-booking to take advantage of the triple points? what's the likely $ cost?
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    Virgin Australia Delays/Cancellations

    VA9 big delay tonight. I'm supposed to be on it but they aren't sure it's going to actually fly - have been changed to fly out of Sydney tomorrow morning instead.
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    UpgradeMe pricing and success

    Thanks. Good suggestion. I guess my query is what happens if the domestic flights are delayed and it compromises the international flight - I would be attempting to book the flight with the shortest possible changeover time. I think it would be safer from that perspective if I booked it as a...