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    Velocity seems to be deteriorating in service re Business

    I always use points to travel J with Virgin as it is supposed to allow any change at the last moment, this is handy when going away for weekends. However the last during the last two trips the Virgin website has been down and so I could not check availability. Thank god I had made the booking as...
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    Points earn/burn - VA v QF

    Trouble is a lot of merchants do not accept Amex and if you are making a purchase of say $50,000 it is not worthwhile putting cash in your Amex. About the only one is Tax payments where the input is an allowable deduction and the charge is not excessive, and then it is marginal. I think it is 3...
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    Points earn/burn - VA v QF

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    Do not travel VAustralia premium economy. The price is way above Qantas economy, food worse than...

    Do not travel VAustralia premium economy. The price is way above Qantas economy, food worse than China Eastern, service bad, ( pressed for hostess and waited for 10 minutes more than once) Bread arrived after meal finished and cold not warmed, and toilet paper ran out during the trip ( thank god...
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    Is premium economy worth it?

    I have purposely travelled on the A380 Economy 3 times and paid for exit row once. I must say the 380 is so quiet and comfy that even with the extra time taken ( and I believe that Qantas have slowed down the other aircraft so as not to compete), the journey has been very bearable. The last time...
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    Sydney International Transfer & Missed Connection Insurance

    I think the main problem you have to worry about is that the whole thing is in the southern hemisphere, where it is all so slow. I recently travelled to Istanbul and changed airlines with only 45 minutes connection to Kiev Ukraine, without too much fuss. Actually I checked in online for the Kiev...
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    Best Frequent Flyer Credit Card

    I use my NAB platinum Amex wherever I can then NAB plat Visa if Amex is not accepted. The AMex comes free with the visa. the annual limit is greater than my citibank platinum Visa which is 1 4 1 but I think 140,000 limit direct to Qantas , but here is a quirk, you can then change your...
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    tiger are terrible and abuse Australian standards

    Two friends recently wanted to go to Hobart for the Autralia day weekend and booked Tiger. The departure flight sat on teh tarmac for 40 minutes because a staff member was late. During that time the other staff just joked around and made themselves meals. On return the night flight was an hour...
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    Purchasing international flights with Amex?

    i booked a flight with to London with Qantas ( through call centre not online) and used amex and wasnt charged anything extra. I actually asked if I would be and was told no.
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    What do you want/expect on board?

    there are many ff's and obviously some give more business than others, hence there needs to be some sort of duferention more than just the 3 cards, but I feel it would be nice that if you are going on a trip and suddenly a friend, or parner wants to come, that if you are a ff with say more than...
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    Qantas Club: 770AUD for what?

    Re: Qantas Club: 770AUD for what reason in domestic market? I travel frequently within Australia. Its business and quick and I have no time to waste away in lounges. If I am travelling with staff that's different, BUT they couldn't get access to a lounge anyway. Internationally its different...
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    Krisflyer now redemption partner of Citibank rewards (Gold and Platinum only)

    It isn't worth having a citibank card anymore, the fees negate the miserly small amount of points you can earn in a year, which transfer at smaller and smaller values. They lowered the cashback refund by 25% without notification. I found that the value of my considerable balance suddenly...
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    Virgin Blue in court over website

    Actually I do find the Virgin Blue site extremely user unfriendly. For example to log in as a Velocity member takes ages to find the tab. The whole site is cluttered with other advertising. I suspect on purpose to keep people looking, much like things are moved around in supermarkets. The site...
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    $300 credit received for delayed QF129 to Shanghai

    On Thursday 13th Nov I was on QF129 which was returned to Sydney with mal functioning weather radar. After many hours we finally got another flight to Shanghai arriving at 3am or so. On returning to Australia, I found an express post bag which had been posted by Qantas PR dept on the Friday 14th...
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    what are your legal rights on re-entering Australia?

    "What were you wearing??" You may have pretty well hit it, I was wearing all leather, even trousers, as we are in the leather business and secondly I find that it takes minimum upkeep when traveling. It was taylor made fashionable stuff, not your motorcycle or fetish stuff, but that may be it...