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    Singapore Airline has no first class booking.

    Hi all it’s been a some time since I posted. My Question is has any one noticed that Singapore has blocked all first class booking from Australia and back. I recently booked a first class seat Syd to Sin on the Feb 5th, all good. Now I want to book a return on the 26th and first class is not...
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    Westpac KrisFlyer Platinum Card - Should I stay or should I go...

    I have just changed my banking to Westpac and one of the first things I asked about was the Kriss card my personal banker told me it's been grandfathered for some years, and like me she wished she could get one, for the very reasons Cove mentioned. If I had it I'd hold it.
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    You have to love Singapore Kris Flyer

    Hi All I had a wonderful experience with Kris flyer today. I received an email with regards a flight to SIN to CDG. It advised me that they had changed aircraft from the A380 to 777-300er and changed our seats to the two Center seats in F, as Dr She whom must be obayed is not the best...
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    Etihad Upgrades from first apartments to the Residence ?

    Hi all Just about to book a trip on Etihads A380 out of SYD to LHR First apartment for Sue and I. Has anyone ever expirenced etihad upgrading to the Residence the total cost for the flights is about 26k and The Residence is over 110k, and there is no way I would pay that much for any...
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    Apple Pay is talking about loyalty programs

    Just read this. I wonder if this will happen? and how it would work. Maybe this is the new world of Frequent Flyer Points. The next logical step for Apple Pay: a loyalty program (AAPL) — Quartz
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    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    A funny thing happen today, I had to pay the ATO pay Bas, my secretary said she had tried to pay on the Amex and it said it did not except the payment. and to contact the card issuer, or try again, so i said try again she did and the same message, so I tried it getting the same message.I called...
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    EK first class MEL to AKL - March 2016

    Good trip report. I have never flown with them but have thought about doing the Auckland trip did you have the shower? Or was that offered on the short flight.
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    Has anyone heard of or used The Mileage Club?

    I think that they are not moving points from one persons account to another, but have some connection to a company that offers points as rewards ie: I'm Coles and I buy points from an airline, then give them to me as a reward for purchasing an item. I do wonder if I ordered points using my Visa...
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    Has anyone heard of or used The Mileage Club?

    Copy from KrisFlyer statement Accruals American Express USA MEMBERSHIP MILES TRANSFER
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    Has anyone heard of or used The Mileage Club?

    Burmans you are right to be risk averse, all I can say is that the points seem to have the same Infomation (footprint)that comes when I transfer Amex points from my personal account, and I often transfer upto 450k in points for our trips to Europe. As I have said this was a bit of an experiment...
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    Has anyone heard of or used The Mileage Club?

    Well they posted tonight and the show on my Kris account as being Amex points transfer
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    Has anyone heard of or used The Mileage Club?

    I in no way suggest any one follows me, I'm just doing this to see if it works. if it is successful then great, if not I am out 2k, no big deal. As for the company if this is a trap then they have been doing it a long time. I believe we all need to be careful, however if you look at a lot of...
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    Has anyone heard of or used The Mileage Club?

    I got to thinking about this and, I wonder if they are not some type of credit company, who buys points like the credit card companies do and then resells. I can not imagine they are selling stolen points. I'm still waiting to see if they hit my Kris account.