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Recent content by duffshot

  1. duffshot

    Chairman's Lounge

    I've been out of the AFF loop for quite a while so maybe this is an old rumour but I heard a rumour recently that QF is looking at ending the Chairman's Lounge. I find it hard to believe but I guess anything is possibile these days. Anyone else heard the same or can they confirm one way or the...
  2. duffshot

    QF Platinum and DJ Gold

    Through a change in corporate travel policy I am now both a QFF Platinum and a DJ Velocity Gold frequent flyer. I guess this doesn't happen very often so just curious how many others are at the top status level of more than 1 frequent flyer program??
  3. duffshot

    Need 4 mi?

    I have flown this sector but it was a couple of years ago and my QFF online activity statement doesnt go back that far.
  4. duffshot

    188 new aircraft for Qantas

    That's the funniest thing I have read in a long time John.
  5. duffshot

    You Should Never Complain About Qantas Again

    Also known as "Instant Airframe"
  6. duffshot

    A Few Firsts.... But Little First Class

    Great TR - I'm engrossed even though it is all so familiar.
  7. duffshot

    'auto' rollover of Partner Gold?

    Anyone ever had their partner renewal comped to PG - I'm about 100 SC short this year and just curious given I have been weel over the mark in previous years.. Like most people she doesnt get a lot of value out of it but does occasionally travel solo when it is useful.
  8. duffshot

    Qantas Staff Perks

    All I know is that when I travel with a QF GM I always seem to get upgraded to First where he always is.
  9. duffshot

    What irritates you most while flying?

    ggrrrr I'm sure there are more than a few of us who know the feeling although lately it does seem to be better.
  10. duffshot

    Our Jobs- What we all do?

    Business Development in the aerospace industry
  11. duffshot

    What irritates you most while flying?

    Rockwell Collins IFE systems
  12. duffshot

    Muscat in J

    hmm - neither the Morris or the Tokay ring a bell and these are what was in the wine list as well. It was pretty dark and I had my headphones on (and Deja Vu blasting away on AVOD) but I could of sworn he said Taylors. I cant find anything like it on the net so maybe it was one of these...
  13. duffshot

    Muscat in J

    I did think the same thing myself while typing it in but thought maybe such a challenge would get all the regulars excited and I might get a response. So far it hasnt worked!
  14. duffshot

    Muscat in J

    I had a lovely couple of glasses of the Muscat on board QF108 (or should that be 1 0 late?) in J early Monday morning after the CSM talked me into it and forgot to get the name of it. When I look at the online wine list none of them ring a bell. Does anyone happen to know what they are serving...
  15. duffshot

    Still more J* problems

    Well I'm sure NSW Governments is stupid enough it just doesnt have the guts to make tough decisions - the very same government was stupid enough to take out exhaust stacks from the M5 tunnel design to save a few votes and look how fantastic the air quality is there now.