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    Status run suggestions

    Hi Obrienja, My CE flights appeared as I class on QF and BA, and yes they did post J class status credits. I don't think you'll have a problem. My Gold status was recognised on 2 days after the qualifying flight and I received my Gold card yesterday, just 2 weeks later. I've now...
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    Status run suggestions

    You're in luck! Go to and click on the Business Class sale link. You should be able find any number of returns in Club Europe which will get you 40 or 60 SCs each way for less than £200 (£185 to Alicante and Faro, I think). LGW departures are cheaper than LHR and LGW-BCN can often be...
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    Upgrading one leg of a two leg journey

    Well, I got the answer I needed so thanks both for your prompt responses! I'll book an upgradeable fare now. Cheers, Dubno :D
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    Upgrading one leg of a two leg journey

    Hi all, I've searched without success so apologies if this has been covered before.... Next month I'm planning to fly UYQ-ASP-MEL and would like to u/g the ASP-MEL leg using points. Having checked award availability, I know J award seats are available on this leg. My question is, will I...
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    MH Enrich - Is there a catch?

    Check this link: Malaysia Airlines I think you were the lucky unwitting recipient of a double miles promotion! Rich
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    Is anyone else having problems viewing recent transactions on Amex site?

    I've had this too, running Windows XP. Phoned Amex the operator was unaware of the issue and suggested I check my settings, which i've been messing around with for the last few days. Think I'll try the delete cookies suggestion if I can figure it out. Glad it wasn't just me, but you'd hope...
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    MAS Enrich

    I think you are allowed to use the KUL lounge 'on arrival' From: Malaysia Airlines - Golden Lounge# Golden Lounge Satellite is open to departing, arriving and transit passengers. Golden Lounge Domestic is open to departing and passengers in transit. Other Golden Lounges are open for...
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    Best Way to Upgrade

    hmmm.....I would think that 150,000 points gets a return to BKK in J plus change so why not book one award flight (assuming availability) and pay for one J flight (shouldn't be more than $5000 plus change) on the same itinerary? Bound to be close to the cost of 2xfull Y flights PLUS you have a...
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    BA HKG-LHR in F. Wing/Pier access?

    Thanks for the prompt replies everyone, glad to hear I will have access. Guess I will also go for the ITCI. Given the general perception here that the CX lounges are infinitely superior to the BA/QF one, one wonder whys anyone flying F would bother with them! My only guess is they do not...
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    BA HKG-LHR in F. Wing/Pier access?

    Sorry everyone, I have searched but have been unable to find a definitive answer: If I were to fly HKG-LHR in F on BA, would I have access to CX's Wing/Pier lounges in HKG? I have no OW status. It is possible that I might arrive at HKG some 10 hours before my departure. Would I be able to...
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    BA First ex-SYD

    G'day rocket. I'm flying BA SYD-LHR the same day but 'slumming it' in J, on the 747 via BKK. I do hope you make the most of the F lounge. I'll be in the J lounge undergoing refurbishment. However, I'm hopeful that since most QF passengers will be directed to a temporary lounge, that the...
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    BA or AY in J?

    Thats exactly the link i was looking for but couldn't find! Thanks for the prompt response Simongr, I am in I class which i imagine is discount CW. Aaah well, not a bad price at $7k for a fully flat bed, and i can but hope that there is maybe just one window upper deck when I OLCI at T-24...
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    BA or AY in J?

    Congrats on the upgrade Jakob.;) I'm flying CW from SYD to LHR this Christmas. I am unable to choose or request seats thru Manage My Booking. Does anyone know if this is because I have no OW status? The best option I have is OLCI the day before. Cheers for any advice, Dubno
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    Exciting events in the world of accounting for FF programs

    To misquote the late, great Bill Hicks: I feel like a dog that's just been shown a card trick.:) Is this why I have no money? Cheers, Dubno
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    Transit in Perth? Never again.

    Well we've got 4 hour connection time on the way out and 6 hours on the way back. I'm hoping both should be sufficient.:)