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    Flight Availability/Loadings & Upgrade Probability Help Desk least I have hope ;)
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    Flight Availability/Loadings & Upgrade Probability Help Desk

    Hello fellow travellers, can someone show me the loadings on QF93 MEL-LAX on 17/3. I am lifetime gold and have put in for upgrade to J from economy.
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    golf clubs on Jetstar

    I am traveling from Melbourne to Launceston on QF5735 on a Qantas award flight. what are people's experiences with carrying golf clubs on domestic Jetstar flights?
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    New SIA business class seat....simply outstanding

    Evan not sure on the cost diff as it was booked by AMEX on a corp plan. I assumed all the different SIA Mel - Sin legs were simlarly priced. Dave
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    New SIA business class seat....simply outstanding

    I have just flown on SQ218 Mel - Sin (777 300ER) and had my first experience with the new SIA BC seat. Simply outstanding. I am a regular Asian traveller out of Melbourne and till now was a fan of the Q seat, but the new SIA one is so far ahead it is not comparable. Amazing width, I am a big guy...
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    Lifetime Gold

    You ask why would Q upgrade me to first? I would have thought that regular international business class travellers are the lifeblood of Qantas and that anything they can do to retain loyalty is worth it. The incermental cost is minimal and the benefits can be long term loyalty. As an example...
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    Lifetime Gold

    I have just achieved Lifetime Gold and was wondering if there is anything beyond this level as far as benefits are concerned.? As an aside, I do not think Qantas value their top tier customers as well as other airlines. In the last 4 years as a Platinum, I have travelled Qantas once every 2...
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    SMS Flight Update

    I am currently sitting in the lounge 9 hours after QF29 was cancelled the night before waiting for a new plane to arrive. Ignoring the complete debalce that is qantas when one of its most popular flights is cancelled, I noticed that although I am registered for SMS updates, I have not received...
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    my new learnings about the APEC card.

    Love to know more about this discount, I have presented my APEC card on a number of occassions requesting a discount only to be confronted with a glazed and cynical look from the Downtown employee and no idea about what I am talking about. Is there any official refernce to this discount...
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    hotels in Kensington London

    I need to choose between the following hotels in Kensington and am looking for some personal experiences and comparisons Millennium Gloucester Hilton Kensington Holiday Inn Kensington Dave
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    In Flight Internet Wireless Access

    Has anyone seen any announcements from Qantas about plans for in flight internet access?