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    Easy Bill Pay Down?

    Anyone have trouble accessing EBP's website?
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    Make an offer to upgrade on your flight to Sydney. How many emails is enough?

    True. We all have different preferences. Some are not as bothered by spam as others. But where do you draw the line about marketing for a single trip? 20? 185? Two million?
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    Global Qantas Double Status Credits Offer (Book 20-26 Feb 2020; Fly: 28 Feb 2020-14 Feb 2021)

    Trans-tasman seems to always offer the best $/SC... whereas the longer sectors to Asia and elsewhere....
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    Qantas cancels Beijing flights from March 2020

    Well they do have China eastern with extensive code shares across a number of cities.
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    Interlining QF/MH

    Yes - about 2.4k to CGK and 600 to KUL, return. DPS is cheaper but the connection is overnight.
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    Interlining QF/MH

    Any chance they'd refuse interline for the following itinerary booked on 2 separate tickets? SYD-CGK (QF41) CGK-KUL (MH724) This seems to be one of the easiest (cheapest) way to get to KUL on OW but obviously isn't sold on QF website.
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    So, about this "wider acceptance" thing...

    Its not a 1st world problem guys, in fact its not a problem at all. If I were to use a diners card, I'd get even less acceptance. All this is well and good - the problem i have - is that AMEX did promise wider acceptance, albeit on pretty vague terms, but it was still a promise. My question is...
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    So, about this "wider acceptance" thing...

    Of course, and I do take my business elsewhere unless the shop is really conveniently located, in which case, i just switch to Visa. This is not the conundrum. My issue is AMEX justified their deval by cutting merchant fees, potentially to Visa/MC levels, and thereby making shops more welcoming...
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    So, about this "wider acceptance" thing...

    AMEX justified the last round of deval by implying they are cutting merchant fees to gain better acceptance in Aus. Has there been any updates on this front? Purely from personal experience, most of the shops I frequent, especially restaurants, are charging the same premium for AMEX over...
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    Platinum Charge Card - Cancelling

    why not call them up and ask? the worse that could happen is they say no and you don't have to risk anything
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    B738 'pickle fork' crack sees aircraft withdrawn

    I think AJ is quite busy with other airline matters this week... 😉
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    B738 'pickle fork' crack sees aircraft withdrawn

    They inspected 33 planes so far, so that's 12% of the inspected. That being said, the other 42 lower cycle ones are less likely to have cracks.
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    Huge Adverse Anomaly in Qantas Business Class Fares vs Emirates same flights same dates

    I mean it’s only 2x the price, QF sells trans Tasman J fare on Latam at 3-4x the price for the exact same flight, now that’s egregious
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    No more free items from retail menu when flying business

    Wait a min - do you even pay for diet coke in domestic Y on VA? I thought they are a full service carrier?
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    Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options

    Same as above, DPS-KUL-BWN on MH in business (Z)