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Recent content by downgraded

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    Qantas A380 refurbishment news and updates.

    How many cabin crew would be on one of these flights to Dresden?
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    Do you go with cheapest fare or are you loyal to an airline?

    Don't fly cheapest, but definitely not blindly "loyal". Value is key. That balance between price and product (hard product, soft product, upgradability, flexibility etc etc). If airlines don't differentiate then no point in selecting anything but the cheapest and it's unfortunate that's all the...
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    Plus size Qantas A380 specific

    I should add that if the aisle adjacent armrest doesn't go up straight away, there is a catch on the underside right at the back of it that releases it (same as on the A380 only I think it is a bit different) that allows you to slide out without having to lift the tray table.
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    Plus size Qantas A380 specific

    I have to confess to having not sat in every seat, however all rows except those with tray tables/screens in armrests - ie bulkhead and exit rows, have the same seat, and the armrest operates the same and goes "all the way up".
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    QF574 PER-SYD drops from A330-200 to B737-800

    It's not really suitable for Mel Syd either. My recommendation is to stop flying except in extremis.
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    QF Dreamliners in Y - what are people's experiences?

    On the 787 they go all the way up to be between the 2 seats so as to be unobtrusive. QF even tout this as giving you more room 😂
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    QF Dreamliners in Y - what are people's experiences?

    Agree entirely - except that the 3x QF ask is very different to the more reasonable 2x you mention. With upgrades to the gate they will soon be able to lock most pax out of J upgrades as well with larger PE cabins. And hey, J will start shrinking, PE growing and we're back to recliners as the...
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    QF Dreamliners in Y - what are people's experiences?

    But as had been pointed out already by others, the typical load factor suggests they could offer a better product with no loss of pax numbers.
  9. D

    QF Dreamliners in Y - what are people's experiences?

    The problem is that assumption is largely/completely untested. Airlines try to charge a premium without offering that better Y experience so they don't really know if the better hard product, properly marketed would attract the premium. As airlines run a mixed fleet they are not going to...
  10. D

    QF Dreamliners in Y - what are people's experiences?

    It's the shoulder space that's the problem with the 787.
  11. D

    New Qantas Lounge Heathrow Terminal 3

    The CX showers are supporting their First lounge as well as their business lounge. They may therefore be expected to be better. FWIW, I've only used the CW showers at LHR and certainly had no complaints and never had to queue either.
  12. D

    Qantas Club access when flying Emirates

    It doesn't matter who you book it with but to get Qantas Club lounge access on EK operated flights you need to book the QF flight number/code share. You can also pay for EK lounge access in DXB.
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    Complimentary or Operational Upgrade from QF J Award flight

    Yes. We had op up from J award to F on LHR-asia a few years ago for 2 pax on the way back to MEL. We were both WP at the time.
  14. D

    Potential QF9 fuel stop in Singapore?

    Blocked seats aren't an indication of what's available to sell/sold, they just indicate where the airline is controlling seat selection.