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    BNE Airport tour (proposed when COVID allows) interest thread

    I’m double jabbed and definitely interested!
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    A bit of humour

    Accurate? Just because the slices have been cut doesn’t mean they have been eaten :)
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    AFF Gathering #15 in NTL on 22 – 24 October 2021 **Postponed**

    Arriving Friday 22/10 - VA1593 1:35pm Staying at Rydges Newcastle Leaving Monday 25/10 - VA1594 2:15pm
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    I get them on my iPhone
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    Annual NZ Dinner: CHC 19 March 2022

    In my diary and, subject to any unforeseen issues, I will be there. Will confirm nearer the date.
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    Building a Home

    Looks amazing, well done.
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    Help!! - who do I kill.... [Insulin taken at Security, no Notification]

    Would not recommend checked luggage for overseas travel in case it gets lost. Not such a big issue for domestic travel as you can get your doctor to fax prescription to a nearby chemist.
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    I am getting these also
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    [Cancelled] NZ Dinner ZQN Saturday 5 June 2021

    Unfortunately now not able to make it on this weekend. Maybe next time!
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    Qantas doesn't care about priority boarding

    Agree, unfortunately not everyone not everyone has the same view as us.
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    Adelaide dinner 1 May 2021

    We have the 8:00pm (second sitting) at the restaurant, not sure if there are pre-dinner drinks anywhere.
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    [Cancelled] NZ Dinner ZQN Saturday 5 June 2021

    Interested, but too early to commit at this stage. I already have things on in Melbourne on either side of this weekend, so could only come over say arriving Friday and leaving Monday (haven’t looked at the flights yet)
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    Adelaide dinner 1 May 2021

    Will definitely be there; looking forward to it
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    Seems to be OK at the moment
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    Also getting pop-ups on iPhone