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  1. Doctore1003

    new to qantas need help trying to contact them, its been impossible!

    Try SMS chat - 0477QANTAS I often find it’s the easiest way to get things done with QF
  2. Doctore1003

    Answered Can I get the 120,000 bonus points on The Qantas American Express Ultimate, if I have a Westpac Amex ?

    Pretty sure you can, but call Amex on the number on the back of your card to check. It will only take a minute.
  3. Doctore1003

    Qantas Points Club.... dead?

    It's coming, but I saw somewhere that it's delayed to early 2020.
  4. Doctore1003

    How low can Etihad go ?

    And now rumours that Etihad may cut first class from most of its fleet: Rumor: Etihad Looks to End First Class
  5. Doctore1003

    Points Club speculation

    The media event was for Qantas Car Insurance 😂
  6. Doctore1003

    Targeted QF Double Status Credit Offer. Book 28 Oct - 4 Nov 19. Fly 5 Nov 19 - 22 Oct 20

    The T&Cs state the email would be received today.
  7. Doctore1003

    MEL SKL vs. AmEx Lounge

    The sparkling wine in the Amex lounge is terrible, but they do have barista coffee (unlike SQ!). So basically you must visit both :)
  8. Doctore1003

    Points Club speculation

    To host a media event implies it’s a significant announcement.
  9. Doctore1003

    Points Club speculation

    Finder seems to think this will launch on Tuesday, but judging from the wording of the media invite it could be anything.
  10. Doctore1003

    QF Double Status Credit Promos - I am not 100% sure I follow the logic anymore...

    QF’s Premium Companion Sale ends Monday, so we could see an offer Tuesday.
  11. Doctore1003

    QF Double Status Credit Promos - I am not 100% sure I follow the logic anymore...

    My google alert today includes this page on the QFF site (which must have just been published?). The page description in the alert is "Earn double Status Credits on eligible Qantas flights worldwide. Find out more details here." But when you click through it's a 404. The URL is a bit strange as...
  12. Doctore1003

    Project Sunrise: A350 or 777X?

    Yes it‘s curious that Qantas wants an F cabin when J is already ”mini first class” 😂
  13. Doctore1003

    mate, suggest not posting your name and FF number publicly

    mate, suggest not posting your name and FF number publicly
  14. Doctore1003

    Amex Australia - Centurion Card Eligibility

    Amex don't mind if you use a "personal"/consumer card for business purposes. It's not excluded under the T&Cs. I was chatting to them the other day about my consumer Platinum Card and they said if I was using it for business purposes I could submit business financials to have the "limit" increased.
  15. Doctore1003

    Qantas Ultimate Amex up to 120k points again [Ends 6 Nov 2019]

    What's everyone's view on the $4.5k min spend? Seem a bit steep?