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    Virgin to lose A330's and B777's - become mid range airline - really?

    I will miss the VA widebodies. I remember when the A330 was introduced I flew the second day of operation to Perth in J. The seat and entertainment was average (old EK) but the service truly was first class back then. Plenty of drinks and great food, a much nicer way to spend the 4-5 hours than...
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    Flights from Hell

    In 2010 I was flying TG F from FRA to BKK and onward to SYD. Upon boarding in FRA there was an older Thai gentleman and myself in the cabin until just before doors closing a rather large Scandinavian fellow boards. This guy proceeds to drink the plane empty of alcohol and passes out a few...
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    Switch Telecom dumps QBR

    Remonids bailed on QBR ceasing points earning at EOFY. WINC also went, but they are twice the price of officeworks usually so don't use them. Earning opportunities for our business are limited in QBR but get what you can at the moment.
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    Rex to fly between Australian capital cities

    Perhaps REX should utilise this $200m by upgrading their current fleet offering.
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    China Airlines cancelled flight

    I was booked on the same flight timing for early May in J with a through connection to FRA - Same thing happened they cancelled the day flight and changed to the night flight which also meant I would miss connection for TPE-FRA. Called them and they offered to fly me a day later or two days...
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    Comfy dress vs Acceptable dress

    I seem to find cabins too hot most of the time so wear my travel clothes onto the plane and pack a pair of comfortable bonds shorts and a t-shirt I change into once airborne and want to sleep. I also use the slippers or thongs for out of seat travels.
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    Limited [revenue] business seat availability on Qantas to Europe

    Can't you still get the QF coded EK flights from MEL-DXB-FCO?
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    China Airlines Cheap and Brilliant service

    I just booked SYD-FRA return in J for just over $4k. A350 and 777. Product looks good, hopefully service will be good too.
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    watching movies I brought myself on VA interface

    I think the VA IFE can view pictures only IIRC. I tried once to plug in a USB and remember I couldn't view video files. This was J on the 777 so not sure if it has changed at all over time.
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    So... what car do you guys drive when not flying?

    My wife's Mazda 3 has this 'feature'. It's annoying switching from a car with auto headlights to one without. Mind you, the model above ours has auto lights so it is just a spec thing to differentiate models I think.
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    "More choice" for customers

    I remember when the lounge was first remodelled and it was open most of the time. I also enjoy it up there as it provides a better view, you're right on the limited food options. I guess I am flying through at the wrong times or have been unlucky as it has been a long time since it has been open...
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    "More choice" for customers

    Do they ever open the upstairs section of the SYD lounge anymore? It seems each time I fly out it is closed and downstairs is jam packed!
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    B77W Business Class Seat Map - Updated!

    OK that clarifies things much better, appreciate the response jaspon.
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    B77W Business Class Seat Map - Updated!

    So the things that look like toaster slots is what the bassinet clips into? Thanks also to everyone for your feedback and answers.
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    B77W Business Class Seat Map - Updated!

    I know this is at times a sensitive topic to some here but can anyone confirm if there are any bassinet rows/seats in The Business? I have read conflicting reports where some say 1D + 1G are bassinet seats, some say that row 8 is a bassinet row and some reports state that there are no bassinets...