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Recent content by Dec1971

  1. Dec1971

    Best way to blow 1.5M Velocity points

    A little harsh IMO. I still enjoy the Etihad A380 F service through to London two - three times a year. Last two trips however I have taken the SIA new F suite on their A380's as a comparison. Funny as I genuinely believe SIA to be the best in the world but they missed the mark with their new...
  2. Dec1971

    Royal Brunei air & booze ?

    There are so many things that are wrong in the Arabian Peninsula, in so many ways, whether it be attacking minority groups, religions, race or whatever. It is only made worse when you see how some of the higher socially ranked individuals of said jurisdictions behave when away from home (London...
  3. Dec1971

    Samsungs are gone

    No issue with this at all. Hardly ever see people use them and in this day and age vast majority have their own entertainment with them already. The rare occasion one of these tablets was requested there was often a connectivity issue or headphone issue which just disrupted the normal service...
  4. Dec1971

    Handling overbooked flights

    Rubbish. I have been both victim and the cause for people being bumped on both airlines. Qantas no different from Virgin. These things happen, mistakes are made. Sadly airlines are not perfect. I do sincerely feel for you though traveling with a 2 year old. I still have nightmares about my...
  5. Dec1971

    Loyalty programs - worse than cigarettes or crack cocaine.

    .............and people complaining about long posts could easily ignore the post and move along. Sorry. Couldn't help myself.
  6. Dec1971

    Loyalty programs - worse than cigarettes or crack cocaine.

    Great post to kick start this discussion. Often I sit there in the office dreamily looking at the view over Sydney Harbour wondering why I spend so much emotional ammo on maximizing status. I think if I was paying out of my own pocket then my view on the loyalty programs would be different...
  7. Dec1971

    2019 Travel Plans

    Gold Coast next week - VA J London the week after - Etihad F Maldives first week of May (Lux South Atoll - anyone been?) - SQ F Thailand in October. Jetstar J - God help me! That's about it for now although another London trip in October is one the cards swinging by Japan on the way home for...
  8. Dec1971

    VA complaint about unserviceable J seat - what's reasonable?

    Out of interest, if you had requested an upgrade in the lounge prior to the flight and they granted the upgrade but advised you at the time of the issue with the seat would you have still taken the upgrade? I find on some flights I am wide awake and get work done with no need to recline, but...
  9. Dec1971

    VA complaint about unserviceable J seat - what's reasonable?

    I think that is disgraceful on the part of VA. They knowingly upgraded you to a seat which they knew they couldn't actually provide. If anything that seat should have been a free upgrade to a status pax. You should at the minimum IMO get your points back.
  10. Dec1971

    Virgin Valet Parking - Sydney - flight delays

    So I heard. There were a few moments where we thought we would be going nowhere that day. Again, credit to the Virgin crew on my flight for keeping everyone upbeat and as informed as possible.
  11. Dec1971

    Virgin Valet Parking - Sydney - flight delays

    Believe it or not is is about equivalent to a taxi from the North Shore.
  12. Dec1971

    Virgin Valet Parking - Sydney - flight delays

    I put my car in to the Virgin Valet Parking at SYD on Tuesday, just gone for three days, booked online and paid what I think is a very fair $189 (from memory). Returning on Friday from Launceston we were one of the many thousands of pax impacted by the strong winds and subsequent single runway...
  13. Dec1971

    Which flights SYD-SIA-LHR have new business class?

    Thanks mate, looks like we lucked out on the legs we are on.
  14. Dec1971

    Which flights SYD-SIA-LHR have new business class?

    Taking the family back to the UK for a break next week and trying to work out which of our legs might have the new fit-out in business. The four legs: SQ222, SQ322, SQ321, SQ221 If anyone can point me in the direction of a resource online which gives me this info I would be most grateful. Cheers
  15. Dec1971

    Inconsistencies in airport security around the world

    Totally agree with this post. The inconsistency is terrible. Its the tablets/laptops that gets me. Some clearer signage would make life easier. Mind you some people wouldn't be ready for the security check no matter how much signage was put in front of them.