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    Velocity international award redemption.

    I am talking about US mainland to HNL.
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    Velocity international award redemption.

    Velocity international award redemption. Huge anticlimax!!! No business or first class redemptions available on Delta or Hawaiian from USA to Hawaii
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    Aadvantage charging 2 separate awards from Australia to USA

    At the moment Aadvantage is charging two separate awards to fly from Australia to USA eg MEL to JFK via HKG with CX For April 2022. Is this new? Previously one award would cover the connecting flights.
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    LifeMiles no good for TG, TK J award seats at present

    I have been trying to use the LifeMiles screen shot method to book a flight for next May from MEL - Europe. The LifeMiles website shows quite a bit of TG J availability on TG466 and plenty of TK J availability onward to and in Europe. I submitted my proposed booking but was informed by LifeMiles...
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    TG now showing availability most days ex-SYD to Europe

    I have been trying to book TG to Europe from MEL and the LifeMiles website shows J availability. However, seats are not bookable. When I contacted LifeMiles support they said TG not allowing J flight award redemptions. Has anyone been able to redeem J flights from MEL or SYD to Europe on TG...
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    Suddenly no availability in Thai Business from Europe using Lifemiles

    Any news on TG J availability? Still appears to be non existent. Devaluation must have happened by now.
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    "oneworld" award (132.4K/249.6K/318K/455K) Planning - The Definitive Thread

    No issue with a change of carriers at SYD international to domestic? JL to QF.
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    "oneworld" award (132.4K/249.6K/318K/455K) Planning - The Definitive Thread

    I have seen on this thread where some Qantas agents count transits as stopovers in completing the OW award bookings. I am trying to complete my booking and have so far booked MEL - DOH - JNB (QR) JNB - DOH - CDG (QR) LYS - LHR - YYZ (BA) BOS - NRT - SYD (JL) When I try to book the last flight...
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    Free QFF Skype contact number

    Thanks. Will try. Still interested to know about Skype access to QFF.
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    Free QFF Skype contact number

    Is there a free QFF Skype contact method? I will be out of phone coverage in WA but have wifi available. I have tried the 0396585302 number on Skype but it requires Skype credit. I have a VPN if that makes any difference.
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    Limited CX availability between MEL and HKG

    Has anyone else noticed very limited J award availability on CX between HKG and MEL in 2020? I have been looking in February and June/July and see virtually no seats available.
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    QF 29 availability on AAdvantage

    QF 29 MEL - HKG is readily available in J on QFF but shows on AAdvantage as waiting for government approval and is not bookable although it shows up on the original search. Why is this so and has anyone been able to book it lately?
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    Qantas FF announcement 20 June - "biggest overhaul" in program history

    Great tool. So business award flight fees go down on September 18 when the points required go up. Is this the same date for partner award flight fees coming down? Does Qantas say anywhere when they start releasing more award seats in economy and premium? Does this apply to releasing more...
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    Qantas FF announcement 20 June - "biggest overhaul" in program history

    Have I missed Qantas specifying the commencement date of the release of extra award seats and decreasing the carrier charges and taxes? Is it immediate and happening now?
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    Jetstar star class sales

    Thank you DontgetmeStarted for your helpful reply.