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Recent content by Daver6

  1. Daver6

    Changes to inflight service and offerings

    I cannot fathom any logical reason for wifi being disabled. Anyone?
  2. Daver6

    Amex "I'm going to cancel my card" - bonus points given thread.

    I didn't actually lodge a complaint. Hence my surprise at the call. I rang last Friday to discuss and had a similar experience to you. Just as I was about to end the call, I asked if a manager had more discretion. They said a manager would call me back on Monday. No call on Monday, so called...
  3. Daver6

    Amex "I'm going to cancel my card" - bonus points given thread.

    Just had a call from Amex which I wasn't expecting. Someone is following up my "complaint" about the annual fee. They're telling me that Amex upper management are currently formulating something. They can't offer me anything specific now as that would set a precedence for everyone else. It...
  4. Daver6

    Nice wines I have drunk recently - Red or White

    Sheeesh. You're ignorance/age is showing @JohnM. It wasn't a pet-nat. Just a bit funky...and bloody awesome! :) It was my WOTN ;)
  5. Daver6

    'They haven't listened': Medical professionals skipped quarantine and flew interstate

    Regarding junkets. Sure other groups do this, but it seems the medical profession rort this the most. A mate of mine who is an anaesthetist told me about a "conference" aka luxury ski trip he attended. In order to make it a conference, they had a room set up with a video playing with something...
  6. Daver6

    Not shipwrecked or mutinying, waving - from the Abrolhos Islands

    I put my order in earlier this week - Fresh West Australian lobster direct from the people who catch them
  7. Daver6

    Amex Platinum Charge vs Qantas Amex Ultimate card

    The Ultimate card will also give you a bonus point per dollar spent directly with QF. The Charge card hotel benefits are good only if you actually make use of them. Also get a free night with Accor via the Accor Plus membership. You get two PP memberships. One on the main card and one for one...
  8. Daver6

    Amex "I'm going to cancel my card" - bonus points given thread.

    I didn't get the promised call back from a manager yesterday so I followed up today. Got through to an Australian working from home. Long story short, they aren't willing to budge. Told it's their long standing policy to not reduce annual fees. I did point out that we are in different times now...
  9. Daver6

    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    I'm more impressed with the Yquem Y! If its Woollies, then more than likely getting pulled from from Langton auction lots. I'm sure you know this, but good ullage doesn,t imply good storage.
  10. Daver6

    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    What's the provenance of these wines? I couldn't find any information.
  11. Daver6

    Recreate your own airline meal!

    Here's my attempt at a LCC meal. I feel I went a bit overboard with a ceramic plate though which detracts from the authenticity.
  12. Daver6

    A race against time: Azores to Austria to Australia

    Glad to hear that you're now back home safely. Looking forward to reading this TR.
  13. Daver6

    Cancelling QF flight bookings made with Amex Travel Credits

    Do you think the outcome would be difference if it was partly paid for by a QF voucher I had previously purchased? I can argue I did pay for the $450. It was part of the $1450 annual fee that I paid for.
  14. Daver6

    Cancelling QF flight bookings made with Amex Travel Credits

    My point being is with the travel insurance, there is a clause in there that if the main purpose/event for the trip is cancelled then you can claim the flights etc if they're not refundable, which they aren't. A travel credit isn't a refund and I'm loving out the Amex travel credit. So say the...
  15. Daver6

    Cancelling QF flight bookings made with Amex Travel Credits

    I suspect I'm going to be in this situation soon, but slightly more complicated. MrsDaver6, myself and another couple were booked on the Rockford PS Marion paddle steamer for early June. We booked the flights from PER to ADL using Amex travel and using the Plat credit (paid with the charge...