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    Qantas Status Extension - Ambiguously worded text

    To clear for others, however, status usually takes around a week to settle in the new membership year anyway. That is, your old status usually hangs around for a few extra days into the new year. Having only skimmed this thread, it seems yours is going to be extended but a word of caution for...
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    Guile99, if it's just you and junior travelling, I'm happy to give you an AA systemwide upgrade (SWU). If the stars align, that would bump you up to business class SYD-LAX. If you're not familiar with SWUs, check out this thread, particularly my posts one and eight. If you're interested, simply...
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    "oneworld" award (132.4K/249.6K/318K/455K) Planning - The Definitive Thread

    I've been able to grab J award seats on AY for 10 or so months from now, albeit intra-European.
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    Aadvantage charging 2 separate awards from Australia to USA
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    Qantas Points Club Discussion

    May I confirm please that SYD-PER via (a) ASP, (b) MEL and (c) ADL earns progressively fewer SCs on award flights (i.e. ASP earns the most, MEL the mid and ADL the least)?,+syd-adl-per,+syd-asp-per
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    How do Hilton treat you as an Elite?

    Swan Draught?? Wow. Are you sure this wasn't the staff drinks fridge at the Ibis Budget near the airport?
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    Qantas Points Club Discussion

    Points Club Plus allows for the rollover of up to 100 SCs. Is it safe to assume that this is over an above the one-time status support rollover Qantas is providing at the moment. So, for example, a Platinum could rollover (up to) 500+100?
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    Lounge Access Help Desk

    Well done for not starting AFF's millionth thread with a lounge access query and instead using the dedicated thread for the very purpose. My reading is no, no lounge access in CNS. However, due to the routing change, there's a small chance that if she presents her original itinerary along with...
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    Free One AA systemwide upgrade

    Thanks, snabbu. It's indeed good news. Anthonysimilion failed to respond to a page and was offloaded from the offer and maisy kindly advised that unfortunately the promotion wasn't going to work after all. For the time being, this offer is over.
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    Double SCs for trans-Tasman book 10-15 May

    I've received mine - I don't fly for weeks. I went back to the email with the promotion and noted the language: "5,000 bonus points when you book, double Status Credits when you fly.*" It's abundantly clear (in hindsight) that you needed to book to get the points, not actually fly. If I'd...
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    Predictions of when international flights may resume/bans lifted

    I have the urge to ask: What happened to @CityRail?
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    Free One AA systemwide upgrade

    No problem, snabbu. I'm sorry it's not worked out but if you have a flight that you end up being able to book prior to 21 July and there is confirmed upgrade space on it, let me know as soon as you find out and I'll put in the request. (I say 21 July because I think 10 dates out is an...
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    Free One AA systemwide upgrade

    QF take note: No waiting time issues for AA elites. So ordinarily I think the SWUs would have to be applied and used by the expiry which is 31 July, not 30 June. However, the friendly agent I spoke to said an SWU can currently be applied for travel through end of schedule, provided it can clear...
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    Free One AA systemwide upgrade

    Okay. I need to make a call to AA as I think the SWUs may only be applied to flights before the expiry date which I believe to be 30 June. Once I've got some more info, I'll come back and we'll sort this out.
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    The Qantas call centre now has a different menu

    How do you know your PCV?