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  1. Danger

    "oneworld" award (140K/280K/420K) Planning - The Definitive Thread

    To get to LHR, I think CX may have a daily SIN-BKK that could be an option, onwards with AY via HEL. And there's also MH via KUL.
  2. Danger

    Qantas digital lounge invitations and access issues

    That's pathetic handballing. What's next. 'We're sorry there was a fly in your Neil Perry sandwich but you'll need to contact Q Catering'. 'We're sorry your mini First Class [!} seat wouldn't recline but the department you're after is actually Qantas Engineering'. Bag didn't arrive? Sorry...
  3. Danger

    QF 95/96 - have they always only been Mondays and Fridays?

    If I could find the thread about the US DOT approval of the JV I would have raised this six or so weeks ago when it happened. I'm very curious as to whether earnings will go back to where they were before. If I remember correctly, QF spat the dummy and cut the earnings but stated in the DOT...
  4. Danger

    QR award availability down to 219 days???

    I think you'll find you'll probably end up paying significantly less in taxes and surcharges with CX, too.
  5. Danger

    Ausbt rebranded to executive traveler

    The Business Traveller magazine is great. I wish I could justify the high cost of subscription. But Australian Business Traveller is not my cup of tea. I subscribe to their newsletters but I don't click on the links - it simply gives me a preview of what I can expect to read on AFF where I'll...
  6. Danger

    TransferWise debit Mastercard coming soon

    If it is AUD only, rather than AUD-equivalent, then that would be fine. If it is AUD-equivalent that may be a problem for some countries where CC transactions are not the norm but I don't think it's a dealbreaker.
  7. Danger

    TransferWise debit Mastercard coming soon

    In my experience it's very difficult to open a local bank account with work rights. I've tried in France and Singapore and had absolutely no luck (although HSBC would open one for me without working, provided I deposited EYR75000!). That said, I might be conflating two issues. The AUD350 limit...
  8. Danger

    TransferWise debit Mastercard coming soon

    Well, a lot of places. Three hundred and fifty dollars Australian is bugger all. Have I misunderstood. I read it as though you could withdraw a maximum of AUD350 equivalent per month fee-free, thereafter the 2% fee that SeatBackForward highlights kick in. So, in other words, if I was...
  9. Danger

    QF Lounge access flying into PER on CX J; out on QF Dom Y [Denied despite oneworld rules]

    Keep going, Spieck. You must be beside yourself but this has just become too comical to let go. Maybe started a whole new enquiry (thereby creating a new internal reference) and see how that goes.
  10. Danger

    TransferWise debit Mastercard coming soon

    If I understand the product correctly the maximum withdrawal limit per month is AUD350, beyond which you can withdrew more but fees kick in. That's a very low limit to avoid fees.
  11. Danger

    "oneworld" award (140K/280K/420K) Planning - The Definitive Thread

    Welcome to AFF, Azusa. Captain Halliday's suggestion to use the route map is a great one. Remember that you don't have to fly direct between two cities. In fact, because you're travelling in Business, you'll ideally want to connect as many times as possible, just to get your money's worth. You...
  12. Danger

    ANZ - 300,000 QFF points offer on a mortgage

    I'm not sure if I follow your plan completely but the T&Cs say the 300K is only for the primary applicant. Unless it's two separate loans I don't see how it's possible to get two lots of 300K.
  13. Danger

    Hilton Status Match

    Eighteen stays is very high. I think Marriott's challenge was only nine.
  14. Danger

    Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options

    The Qantas Pacific sale that was launched today has PER-xMEL/SYD-AKL return for $2k and 320 SCs.
  15. Danger

    QF Lounge access flying into PER on CX J; out on QF Dom Y [Denied despite oneworld rules]

    "LOUNGE'S DISCRETION"? You have got to be kidding me.