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    Rumour has it & Qantas [778 non-stop London from Sydney]

    Actually LAX-SIN is ~1.5-2 hrs shorter than EWR-SIN, not terribly different in flight time to QF8 (DFW-SYD) or QF9 (PER-LHR). Have done LAX-SIN nonstop in Y+ and J, it was fine in Y+. Preferableto having mid flight inconvenience of disembarking, carting bags around and security...
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    Qantas 2019-20 annual result: reading between the lines

    Of course Qantas has a special product. You are looking at the wrong product. It is not the onboard product, the customers service etc that is the product. It is Qantas Frequent Flyer (points for the punters, tiers for the high flyers). It keeps them coming, has people hooked on it, and...
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    Multiple tight connections

    Walk quick and get ahead. Good guide to airport wait times at US airports here: Airport Wait Times Based on average wait times between 1800 & 1900 at for SFO Terminal A over last month, for non US citizens, 50-60 mins to clear immigration would seem realistic. That title would surely...
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    Jetstar Delays/Cancellations

    The flight that acts more like a suburban rail service in terms of punctuality and reliability, than a medium haul flight, that being the JQ7/8 pair, and in this instance JQ 8 SIN-MEL, is now scheduled to leave SIN at 07:30 on Fri 23 August instead of the scheduled departure of 21:00 on Thu 22...
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    ScootBiz no more

    Some discussion of these substitutions here ... TR8122 / SQ8122 - Scoot seemingly replaced with SQ charter - FlyerTalk Forums
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    Question How long it takes to pass Immigration at AVV

    Most likely cause of delay: traffic on the Princes Fwy and/or Western Ring Road. A few months ago I was catching 6pm international departure coming from Surf Coast and left with the aim of reaching airport (under usual conditions) at 4pm. I reached there at 4:50pm, due to roadworks and an...
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    QF 95/96 - have they always only been Mondays and Fridays?

    I suspect AA running an evening flight from MEL-LAX could be problematic - as it either means leaving the plane on the ground in MEL for 12 hrs or going against the grain with a daytime flight ex-LAX, something that no-one else does (for Australia flights, plenty to Asia though).
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    QF 95/96 - have they always only been Mondays and Fridays?

    When SFO services came online they reduced 95/6 to 2x weekly. Plenty of discussion here:
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    Question Help in finding an extra SQ flight to achieve Gold Status

    So instead of travelling BKK-HKT, travel could be BKK-SIN-HKT. However as this would violate cabotage (BKK-HKT tickets both originate and terminate in Thailand), the two sectors would need to be on separate tickets.
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    Question Help in finding an extra SQ flight to achieve Gold Status

    Only immediate thought was to do a same day return HKT-SIN or paying for BKK-SIN fare on SQ and a separate SIN-HKT fare (on whoever) instead of paying for Thai fare. SQ used to do MUC-MAN return, but since that was discontinued the only intra-"Europe" fifth freedom is ARN-DME...
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    JQ; cure is better than prevention?

    Definitely not worthwhile to tell them. It is only downside for you. Airlines factor in a certain amount of no shows, so unless you have remaining sectors on the ticket absolutely no need to tell them. In fact if you told them and they removed you from the flight and then your flight got...
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    Min. Time needed to connect through JFK

    What is your tolerance for forgoing your JFK-LAX flight and stumping up for a new ticket at the last minute that could cost >$500? The issue isn't the time needed to connect in normal situation, but what tolerance you need to build in if the inbound flight from HEL is delayed. I'd lean to...
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    Project Sunrise: A350 or 777X?

    I dunno about starting from SYD and doing that route via MEL, maybe SYD-PER-LHR would make more sense. I think these long haul flights (from a passenger perspective) are more beneficial to those who struggle to get to sleep on planes than those who can fall asleep anywhere any time. In...
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    airlines setting up their own online travel agency on the quiet ?

    Is Fiji Airways the airline you’re talking about? the agent?
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    airlines setting up their own online travel agency on the quiet ?

    No point in discussing without naming names.