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Recent content by dajop

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    Will CX/MU interline on QF Award?

    According to expertflyer MU will through check baggage to CX, so shouldn't be a problem:
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    Jetstar flying to Seoul

    I'm not sure it was a matter of Jetstar blinking first vs Scoot, more a matter of huge increase of capacity by QF (who went from 9 weekly A330 to 7 weekly A380 + 7 weekly A330) that absorbed a lot of the Jetstar pax. After all when QF and JQ are selling similar fares (which they were a lot of...
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    Answered "Arrivals" access Singapore for WP's

    I hope the smoke will be well and truly cleared by the time the OP travels. :eek: Hint: at the moment there is about 7.5 hrs between QF35 and LH flights out of SIN, so I assume the OP is travelling after daylight savings finishes (in AU) and begins (in Europe) when the connection is reduced to...
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    Question Qantas bus between Syd and Cbr

    I was put in a taxi once from ARM to GLI. This probably ended up quicker than SYD-TMW-IVR-GLI. IIRC I still claimed ORC for status credits, a flex fare from MEL with three sectors was quite lucrative.
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    Answered "Arrivals" access Singapore for WP's

    With 1 hr for formalities, 4.5 hrs is plenty of time..... even to take a quick excursion downtown or just to be a nearby hawker stall (eg. East Coast Lagoon, highly recommended) before coming back to airport for paid shower and boarding. There are also multiple areas in each terminal to...
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    AirBNB - Share your experiences here

    Most of the work that is required (sweeping/vacuuming, mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms/kitchens, laundry of towels/linen, stripping beds and making them with clean sheets, setting up house for new guests, etc) is required irrespective of whether guests stay for a night or a month. We find...
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    AirBNB - Share your experiences here

    Yeh no luck with that. Not worth the argument. When we tried they came back with a whole raft of lies so it then becomes their word against ours (saying BBQ wasn't clean to begin with, even though I spent an hour cleaning the night before they arrived ... mental note to self always take photo...
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    New York (JFK) Stopover Tips

    We just spent 15 mins there in between ferries so didn't give it much of a look over, and it did look like they needed a few more tenants. We were in the NYC during Thanksgiving week, so loads of bargains elsewhere. We also find it useful to head over to Fulton St in Brooklyn for some reasonable...
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    New York (JFK) Stopover Tips

    New discovery on last trip, outlet mall on Staten Island right near the Ferry Terminal. Other than Las Vegas, I'm struggling to think of an outlet mall in the US that is accessible to a major city as this one, most require an hour drive or so out of the main downtown areas where people tend to...
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    New York (JFK) Stopover Tips

    I always go on Airtrain + subway or LIRR (depending on where I am staying ..... downtown will be A train/Howard Beach, up towards Central Park area .. probably E train/Jamaica, closer to Penn station ... LIRR/Jamaica). Never found the "peak hour" crowding to be a problem, even with big luggage...
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    News Article: Virgin Australia's Hong Kong struggle made tougher with more partner woes

    The difficulty is the curfew at LHR. The earliest VS can leave HKG for LHR is probably current schedule - around midnight (an hour earlier during northern summer) as it arrives into LHR at 4:50am. At the other end of the day VS probably can't leave LHR any later than around 10pm, which...
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    Qantas doesn't care about priority boarding

    Interesting experience last night at MEL International departing on QF 37. Of course everyone has to queue to go down the escalators at Gate 9, then at bottom I saw the sign that welcomed J, WPs & SGs, and had my boarding pass scanned, and he told me that I had to join the normal non-priority...
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    Help finding Emirates route from EU to Aus avoiding troubled air space?

    Fly out of Southern Europe? Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Malta?
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    AirBNB - Share your experiences here

    Here's a question to people who are regular AirBNB's guests, how do you treat your hosts properties? As your own, or just some place where someone else will deal with the mess you create? I've just spent 1.5hrs cleaning our gas BBQ that our guests elected to use as a charcoal BBQ (burning...
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    2019 - The year in flight

    Flew less often, but a lot further than last year. 53 sectors (lowest number sectors I've flown since 2000) 152,565 miles (245,529 km) (most since 2016), with average sector length of 2879 miles. Shortest flight: LKO-DEL (263 mi) Longest flight: SIN-LAX (8770 mi) New airports: MEX, PVR, DIG...