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Recent content by cxthomps

  1. cxthomps

    Feeling very uninspired by Flybuys these days

    Totally agree 'Revenge', as Velocity offers for me right now are heading straight into the bin I am struggling to see why collecting Flybuy's is worth chasing at the moment. Easy one-off offers maybe, but multi week I am not even bothering with.
  2. cxthomps

    Velocity Transfer-15% bonus

    Hard pass on this, I have no trust in Velocity based on recent experiences. C.
  3. cxthomps

    AirBnB Extending COVID Policy?

    I have to say that I was impressed by the AirBnb process, only slightly let down by the method of finding the right link to click. Once our Singapore reservation fell within the dates a refund was confirmed within 12 hours and then back into my account another 3 days later. Will definitely be...
  4. cxthomps

    VA no longer issuing credits to travelbank (or anywhere else)

    It gets worse, I now have an email from Virgin stating they will not be refunding points or taxes paid for 2 cancelled reward bookings. I have responded with links to both their own website stating they will and the Deloitte order in the court stating that this does not apply to reward bookings...
  5. cxthomps

    VA no longer issuing credits to travelbank (or anywhere else)

    Cancelled a couple of reward bookings today and was informed even refunds for reward booking are on hold at this time (quoting administration etc). The agent even got information from the support team confirming this. I have asked for it in writing so I can cc chargeback but I get the feeling...
  6. cxthomps

    Double Amex MR points until 20 July 2020

    Just received the same offer on my wife's Plat Edge card/account (but not on my account). Not sure I can even guess why she was targeted with this as she has always spent more then $1k / month over the last year. C.
  7. cxthomps

    Woolworths gift card thread

    Bought a lot more than 10 so far at my local W, all of them got 1000 each. Helps to get to know the staff, some stores get funny when you buy in bulk. C.
  8. cxthomps

    Woolworths gift card thread

    I received my second swap via SMS this morning and added it into the A1 app relatively easily via the link and activation code. I then used it online to pay a bill (Telstra) so for me it is working. Debating whether the risk to keep buying and converting is worth it, the gap in time between...
  9. cxthomps

    Woolworths gift card thread

    Wish I had read this thread before messing about with the app etc, cos I got it to work (somehow) but I don't remember the exact steps. I managed to exchange a $50 gift card to a mastercard and spend it online with Telstra. I now have another in the process of being swapped, I want to see how...
  10. cxthomps

    Latest Flybuys Offer

    Adding to the above, I read through the terms twice and just skipped the whole thing because I just don't have trust in Organizations that contrive such complicated schemes. My "spidey-sense" went off straight away that this was not going to end well and I would end up having to complain to...
  11. cxthomps

    Transfer MR points to partners SQ account

    I tried transferring from MRS cxthomps MR account to my SQ account just over 2 weeks ago. Within 2 days I got an email from SQ saying my account was locked and under audit. I rang them and they confirmed it was because the whole name (not just surname) did not match. They reversed the transfer...
  12. cxthomps

    Woolworths Rewards Targeted offers

    You might just check whether your offer is in one shop or many, all of mine are in as many shops as you like. This way you only need another $8.
  13. cxthomps

    Woolworths Rewards Targeted offers

    Card 1 - $120 x 4 weeks for 11,000 Card 2 - $140 x 4 weeks for 13,000 Card 3 - $120 x 4 weeks for 11,000 Card 4 - $155 x 4 weeks for 13,000 Cards 5 + nothing After our normal weekly shop yesterday we have spent cards 1 and 2, and are half way through card 3 spend with another week to go. Might...
  14. cxthomps

    Flybuys year in review 2018

    Top 1% on 1 account with 191,378 points, 122,817 on another but no indication of where it scored. Not a bad year for points.
  15. cxthomps

    Flybuys Targeted Bonus Promotions

    Family has received - $150 spend x 2 weeks for 4000 points - also a one off spend $150 for 2500 (Sat to Tues) $270 spend x 2 weeks for 8000 points