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    Oneworld Circle Asia SW Pacific fare - best airline to book through?

    That's good news. I'll ring the AA ATW desk to organise it and let everyone know the outcome. It may be a few weeks before I do it, I'm off to Seth Efrica next week.
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    Oneworld Circle Asia SW Pacific fare - best airline to book through?

    I thought that may be the case. I know that JL and CX have fairly hefty fuel fines but are they worse than QF?
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    Oneworld Circle Asia SW Pacific fare - best airline to book through?

    I'm thinking about getting either an L or D Circle Asia SW Pacific fare for the next skiing trip to Hokkaido. Can I book this fare through the AA ATW desk or do I have to book it through one of the Asia/Pacific OW carriers? If I have to use QF, CX or JL, which one has the least painful fuel...
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    Greetings / CBR QP Overcrowding

    The Canberra QP has suffered overcrowding at peak times for a number of years now. There was a small extension completed around a year ago but it really didn't solve the problem. Canberra Airport has recently announced a $250 million terminal expansion. I understand that the expanded...
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    Finnair RTW / Business Europe fare

    I've got a similar trip booked for October. I got a Finnair/Qantas fare for $6299 + taxes/charges through Best Flights. The fare is Finnair long haul both ways and business class for intra-European services. I'm flying Qantas SYD-HKG then Finnair Hong Kong - Helsinki - Munich - Helsinki -...
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    Cbr - Syd - Lax

    No, I haven't done the Dash-8 thing since Easter. Still was a Gate 15 bus arrival then.
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    Cbr - Syd - Lax

    Just a minor correction - all CBR-SYD flights, including the Dash-8s, come into Terminal 3. If you're coming in on a Dash-8, you'll get a bus to Gate 15.
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    Qantas Unveils A380 Seat Details

    That certain Chairman wouldn't happen to have a spouse involved in a big property development plan for the Hanazono ski area at Niseko, which is a factor in why a certain airline is flying to CTS?
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    Excess baggage - skis/snowboards - JAL

    I can't comment about long-haul but I had no problems checking in a ski bag, boot bag and suitcase with JAL at Sapporo for a flight to Narita. This was pre-Oneworld, so my Emerald status didn't help. I've found that when travelling with skis and boots excess charges can be a real lottery...
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    New York - Midtown a good place to stay?

    To add to this, the major cross-country interstates are numbered in ascending order from west to east and from south to north, so the I-5 runs down the west coast from the Canadian to Mexican borders and the I-95 runs down the east coast from Maine to Florida. The I-10 runs from Florida to LA...
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    You know you're addicted to flying when...

    In a similar vein to some of the others, you look at the weather forecasts on the news tickers of the TV breakfast programmes and think to yourself "they should use BNE instead of BRIS, CBR instead of CAN, HBA instead of HOB" etc, etc.
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    1,000 Posts Club

    Re: Congratulations Dave Noble on 2,000 posts Congratulations Dave. Your input has been invaluable to many on this forum and FT. I have gained a lot from Dave's tips and passed them on to family and friends, who think I'm some king of guru when it comes to maximising value from frequent flyer...
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    7 hours in Chicago

    If you want the tall building experience, I'd go for the John Hancock Observatory rather than Sears Tower. I think the view is better there and the Magnificent Mile (Michigan Ave shopping district) is a short walk away. If you have time, the Chicago Architecture Foundation has river cruises...
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    Has anyone ever been charged excess Baggage ??

    Beware of Air France Yes, Air France for a flight from Nuremberg to Paris last year. I had a suitcase, ski boot bag, and skis in a bag that weighed 32kg in total. I was charged $A 100 in excess baggage and to make it worse, the stupid check-in agent (who was also the hostie) told me in...
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    How much travel in 2005?

    Had a look at my activity statement and I did 35 flights with separate flight numbers. The breakdown was 31 Qantas, 2 Finnair, 1 British Airways and 1 Air France - 28 domestic and 7 overseas. The flights included three CBR-SYD-PQQ flights that I would have preferred never to have made, with...