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    Credit card churning & Self Employed/Pty Ltd Contractors

    Yes most require 2yrs in business and 2 years tax NOA. Amex is 12months if you hold a amex personal account for over 18 months . Westpac are good too in waiving annual fees if you ask after being charged
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    Who else still holds the Citibank Free For Life Premier Card?

    That new news to me. I hope they don't introduce an annual fee we keep our current entitlements and the new mob offers better customer service and offers. Got letter today from virgin saver account that citibank are closing accounts .
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    Passport Renewal Notice

    Anyone know if one would be allowed to re-enter Australia on a foreign passport and with their Australian citizenship certificate? Would airlines refuse boarding without a visa even though you have proof of citizenship and an expired Australian passport?
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    Card Promotions 40,000 Qantas Points to upgrade from Qantas Discovery to Ultimate CC - AMEX

    I t s good deal. I got my 40 k bonus points now I wonder if I down grade will they offer a prorated annual fee refund? Also if i wait to march and upgrade again will I get this new offer?
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    hay [financial service] new fin tech in Aust

    thanks daft009 for letting me know, hope someelse uses yours too. referral only seems to work via a mobile not a desktop pc
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    hay [financial service] new fin tech in Aust

    Link works via mobile phone only not desktop pc.
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    hay [financial service] new fin tech in Aust

    need to use mobile to sign up via Use my referral link to sign up, it only takes 5 minutes, and refer so you can get it too.
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    hay [financial service] new fin tech in Aust

    Check out Hay, a awesome digital transaction account. I get 1% back anytime I spend $10 or less on my Hay account. That’s coffee , bus fare , milk 🥛... anything. it has its purpose for getting cash back on small bills that credit cards dont earn points on ie ato and other gov bills etc...
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    AFF Member Stock Discussion

    was thinking of buying apt shares for growth but price so volitile now. what are your thoughts best wait for the next big drop or dive in now?
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    Strategy to obtain US Amex

    i dont know what happened to my us tax tin lost card and docs many years ago. is there a way to retrieve it without having to reapply for a new one?
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    New Credit Card When Retired

    bit hard to get approved if retired for most best hold one to existing cards. or try hsbc global visa debit card to get 2% cash back and bundall. on the news gov said credit card companies should ease up on lending cretira for applications so is there any chance someone on jobkeepers getting...
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    Moving overseas - taking citi with you

    A citigold relationship manager is meant to assist in thoery if you have one, but i found its best to contact citibank in the country you are moving too to find out first hand what their requirements are as their local credit laws will still applies. at the very least you can use the citibank...
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    Diners club Liquorland card no annual fee

    As far as i know you can only get a business application form for the Diners club Liquorland card with no annual fee from your local Liquorland store. has anyone with a Diners club Liquorland card ever tried to use it to access airport lounges successfully? I got told two different things on...
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    Diner's Club just for Lounge Access

    has anyone with a Diners club Liquorland card that has no annual fee ever tried to use it to access airport lounges successfully? I got told two different things on the phone one said yes you can use any diners club card to access the listed airport lounges. however i doubt it can be used...