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    Virgin Lounge Food

    Virgin is unveiling their new lounge menu today on Twitter. So far, bacon.
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    Qantas results 28Aug .

    There's no one left to do the leaking
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    QF IFE to ditch Channel 9 in favour of Fox

    I take it you've never watched Paul Murray or Chris Kenny's show then. There is also an ownership overlap too.
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    Velocity/Virgin websites are RUBBISH

    Velocity is very broken for me. VA's tech needs to be burn to the ground and rebuild so there's no legacy ANYTHING from the DJ days. They could even just get Virgin America to share their website code/whatever with them:
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    Virgin Australia’s free Wireless In-flight Entertainment system

    There definitely needs to be a lot more content that's updated far more frequently. It'll never happen how that thy've got a deal with Lufthansa Tech, but they could/should have repurposed the Foxtel Play streaming service for their IFE. A nice suite of live tv (general entertainment, sports...
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    Qantas iOS app update

    The old app was one of the best airline apps out there, but it was a tad slow, looking forward to using the updated one! It's built for iOS7, it means it might not run well on 6, 5, etc. They'll eventually stop supporting 6 and previous (might even come with this update)
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    Status Matches for Qantas Frequent Flyers

    The QF PER lounge is pretty cough, no better than the current VA lounge. QF also has massively inconsistent products out of Perth. And if you're living in Perth SQ is your best non-gulf carrier option.
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    Status Matches for Qantas Frequent Flyers

    If I was VA I'd be offering status matches to anyone who wants it in WA. There's a lot to gain. Domestically they've got a brand new terminal and lounge (the very first terminal and lounge VA has had a hand in designing from the ground up). Internationally they've got good SQ frequencies &...
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    No more Cranberry Mocktail in J

    My bad! It's been a while since I flew QF Y. That is disappointing news, however.
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    No more Cranberry Mocktail in J

    Mineral water on board is welcome, however. The last time I was in J they didn't have any (even QF Y does)
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    Joyce: Qantas perth had to go

    I could imagine. VA is certainly the 'airline of choice' for almost anyone wanting to get to Hobart, and they still don't have a lounge! :P QF obviously did the math and all but killed HBA, but it's surprising considering even tourism to Tasmania these days is on the premium side of things.
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    Joyce: Qantas perth had to go

    Well QF has more or less completely pulled out of Hobart!
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    Joyce: Qantas perth had to go

    Why can't Qantas keep the route and just put a 737 (new, with setback IFE) on it?
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    A330 - XFA/B - Refit?

    The canned responses may be frustrating but the more complaints they have on file about these two terrible aircraft the more chance they might either refurb them or give them the boot for some brand new ones. I wonder how much these two planes cost the company in travel bank credits they hand...
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    VS Drop SYD - Exit Australia

    Re: Virgin Atlantic axing SYD to HKG How quickly things change Virgin Atlantic weighing up Melbourne flights - Flights | hotels | frequent flyer | business class - Australian Business Traveller