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    I don't feel that old !

    I had one of the original Australian 'Bankcards' in 1974. It morphed into a CBA Mastercard (which I still have) when Bankcard was discontinued.
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    Buying Airport Lounge Access KL Terminal M

    The satellite terminal and main terminal are connected by the aerotrain. They will most likely arrive and leave from the satellite terminal but anyhow will have access to it. They won't be using the budget terminal. AFAIK the only lounge you will be able to pay for access is the Plaza premium...
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    Personal medical equipment as carry on baggage with Jetstar?

    Perhaps I wasn't clear enough, although with these sorts of questions there often is no definitive answer. Sometimes it depends on which side of bed the check in agent got out of.
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    Personal medical equipment as carry on baggage with Jetstar?

    SWMBO carries a CPAP as 'extra' carry on all the time. She has been questioned a couple of times (by LCCs) but as soon as she explains what it is -- no problem.
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    British or Australian Passport?

    Yes she does. She will need a resident return visa subclass 155 Here and Here Eligibility requirements
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    British or Australian Passport?

    It's probably easier for her to get a British passport as she is already eligible for one. To get an Australian passport, she'd have to become a citizen first then get an Australian passport. With a British passport she will need to get an Australian re-entry visa before she leaves. Generally...
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    Compulsory use of Full Body Scanners in SYD and MEL

    I'm living in Chiang Mai at the moment and have been visiting the airport for various reasons about once a week. You can't even enter the building without going through a metal detector. They have an X Ray machine for items of luggage but you're allowed to walk through the metal detector with...
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    Insurance for riding Scooters/Motorcycles in Thailand and Vietnam

    I'm in Thailand, riding a motorbike right now. Using Worldcare travel insurance, which if I understand the PDS correctly, covers me. I have an Aus motorcycle licence and an International Driving Permit. As mentioned above, 1cover provides insurance for m/c riding too. Re: your page 37 and 44...
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    What time is recorded when you rent a vehicle from Hertz?

    I had one that had yesterday's date as the pick up date. Took the car back 24 hrs later and they said I was a day late :-O. Was a small business though. Not one of the majors. I always check now.
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    Ask The Pilot

    Is that about the time (1982) the RAN was going to buy HMS Invincible but Maggie Thatcher decided she needed it to defend a bit of rock in the South Atlantic?
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    Flying Apparel?

    I find this apparel is best for flying.
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    Chance of award business class seat being released ?

    Interesting that you say that. This is an upcoming SIN-ADL YASA for my son. He's a strapping 6'2" 22 year old with a private pilot's licence who I'm sure would be at least some use in an emergency. He has chosen not to pay for the exit row.
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    Chance of award business class seat being released ?

    I just noticed yesterday that the prices have been "enhanced". It's now $25 for seat selection and $90 (up from $80) for exit row.
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    can I purchase tickets for my parents through

    This is a requirement of some Asian airlines. SQ and TG are two that have asked for my CC at check in. it's not a requirement for QF though. (except for the annoying requirements when booking flights ex BKK)
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    Are you a seat recliner ?

    My preference is to recline slightly. About half way for an average Y seat during a daytime flight. I won't do it though if I think it will inconvenience the person behind. Always upright at meal times and all bets are off on an overnight flight.