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Recent content by cmbhome

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    Answered What is it with people/ PAX and lounge food

    Sickening. Appalling greed. Taking much more than a fair share must end up costing all the rest of us.
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    Seat allocation stolen

    Ooh, I know, I know! Check out the link to the abbreviations page for these gems! CL: Chairman’s Lounge – QF’s highest member tier/ lounge (also QFCL). CL: Crown Lager – "Premium Beer" (some dispute this) available at QP's CLPO: Chairmans Lounge Platinum One [Cabin Crew Parlance] WP: "W*nker"...
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    Seat allocation stolen

    Wow, that was fast! Thank you, Chicken!
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    Seat allocation stolen

    Is there a glossary somewhere with all these abbreviations?
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    Virgin mocks Qantas with bill board ad

    It doesn't say does. It says Aldi don't do... Not trying to out-pedant you, but the advertiser's error is in making the verb first person plural when it refers to the subject Aldi which is a singular entity. So you're right, but not for the reason you suggested.
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    Seat Allocations in QF Domestic Y Red eDeal Fares

    Interesting, can never get anything that far forward, obviously I'm not flying enough!
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    Seat Allocations in QF Domestic Y Red eDeal Fares

    How do QF rules work when using cheap Y (Red eDeal) fares? It seems difficult to get seats forward of about row 19. Even when booking weeks ahead an in very off-peak flights. QF Club membership used to mean you'd always be offered forward Y cabin seats, right behind J class, but does the "get...