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Recent content by chadwiko

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    Points + status credits on MEL to FCO via AUH on Etihad?

    Even though it wasn't a reward seat? It was a points+pay standard economy fair purchase?
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    Lounge Access Help Desk

    Re: I'm in the VA Lounge thread Sorry if this isn't the right thread to ask; Wife and I both Silver velocity. Next week we fly Etihad (Virgin code share) from Melbourne to Rome (via Abu Dhabi). We were looking forward to using our silver lounge passes pre-departure, but have learned there is...
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    Points + status credits on MEL to FCO via AUH on Etihad?

    Hey! My wife and I used our Velocity points for the first time ever and booked a one way flight from Melbourne to Rome (via Abu Dhabi) on Etihad codeshare. For our return leg, we paid full fare Athens - Abu Dhabi - Melbourne, again on Etihad. Just trying to figure out what Status Credits and...
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    Requesting help: wanting to use our points for first time ever

    Hey AFF community! Long time lurker, first time poster! My wife and I have been invited to a wedding in Italy in May 2017, and we've decided that if it's possible to get to Europe by using our points to at least alleviate some of the cost of flights, then we'd like to attend! So what we're...