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    The Funniest Upgrade Story Ever...?

    The fabrication was that his girlfriend flew for QF.
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    The Funniest Upgrade Story Ever...?

    He has no premium status with Qantas, is just a Frequent Flyer member; probably wouldn't fly more than three or four times a year domestically, overseas once every two or three years. He and his mate bought their own tickets.
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    The Funniest Upgrade Story Ever...?

    A young business associate and one of his mates recently flew QF to a long-haul overseas destination (departure city and o/s destination withheld to protect identity of Qantas employee). At the international economy check-in counter, "Mr Smooth Talker" told check-in attendant "My girlfriend is...
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    Points Usage Dilemma: QF A380 Biz Class or Virgin Atlantic Upper Class?

    Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to reply to my question that started this thread, I appreciate all the comments and suggestions. The decision has been made: Business Class BNE-HKG (QF or CX? 60,000 points each), overnight Hong Kong SkyCity Airport Marriott, then Virgin Atlantic Upper...
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    Points Usage Dilemma: QF A380 Biz Class or Virgin Atlantic Upper Class?

    For a trip to London in October 2010, my wife & I have two options we are considering for using some of our American Express points with either Qantas or Virgin Atlantic: Qantas A380 business class SIN-LHR (84,000 points per pax one-way) Virgin Atlantic Upper Class HKG-LHR (50,000 points per...
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    LAX Hotels - Which ones are cheap but yet good ?

    Four Points by Sheraton would be my first choice, followed by Sheraton Gateway (Shula's restaurant is great!). You can find cheaper places to stay, but in terms of comfort, and value for money, these are my two favourites.
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    Paid Upgrades on Departure with UA?

    Just wondering if anyone has been able to pay for an upgrade to Business Class with United on departure from Melbourne or Sydney to LAX or SFO within the last couple months? I have read on some forums about people having paid $500-$750 to upgrade to Biz Class on some trans-Pacific flights with...
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    Reduction in QFF Points Awarded for StarClass???

    This morning I received an email from Forethought Research, inviting me to participate in a survey for Jetstar, which took approximately fifteen minutes to complete. Judging from the questions, I'm afraid that Jetstar is unfortunately considering quite significant changes to their StarClass...
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    Anyone flown Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy???

    If anyone has flown premium economy with Virgin Atlantic recently, I'd like to know your experience/thoughts. I'm taking my wife to Italy for her birthday in October, flying SYD-HKG with VS using points for premium economy. I've flown AKL-SFO in PE with Air NZ, so assume the seats & service on...
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    Travelling in Air NZ Premium Economy

    I meant AKL-SFO. SORRY!! It was just after NZ begane their service to San Francisco. I flew Business Premier (using points to upgrade) on the SFO-AKL-BNE return flight. Lie-flat beds were nice, but for my money I'd settle for Premium Economy anytime.
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    Travelling in Air NZ Premium Economy

    I flew NZ Premium Economy from AKL-HNL in August 2005 (just after they introduced the service), and can't recommend it highly enough. Try for a 747, as the PE seats are upstairs (quiter, and more privacy), behind Business Premier section, giving passengers access to the BP Wine Bar, etc. I...
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    Upgrade Stories, Tricks, Tips, etc.

    My All Time Favourite Upgrade Story This happened a LONG time ago (March 1988), but it's a story I'll never forget: Was using Eastern Airlines frequent flyer points for economy class tickets for my girlfriend, brother, and me to travel Atlanta- San Francisco (EA) and then on to Honolulu with...
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    Upgrade Stories, Tricks, Tips, etc.

    Sitting in Qantas Club at CNS, waiting for return flight to BNE for the 15 Status Credits needed to re-qualify as Gold Qantas Frequent Flyer for another year. Thought to start a Thread devoted to Upgrades (stories, tricks, tips, etc.), so will share one to start: 3 August 2006, SYD-BNE...
  14. C hotel brand from Starwood

    Lindsay, I received the same email, and participated in the survey. Check USA Today website ( - News & Information Homepage) Travel section, and do a search; I'm almost certain they're profiled Loft recently. It looks to me like a low-cost, no-frills, downmarket version of "W".
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    Qantas online checkin launched!!

    Used OLCI this morning for a BNE-CNS-BNE run for the 30 status credits necessary to re-qualify as Gold for another year. Hadn't heard anything about QF offering on-line check-in, so was surprised to see the option available when I checked booking before leaving for Brisbane Airport this...