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    Platinum Promotion

    I'm not female either but I want that Dior stuff! I'm already a member though so is this only for new people who are joining?
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    Getting to LHR with QF or BA deal

    I'm planning SYD-LHR return with a stopover in each direction (SIN & BKK) and currently trying to find the best way to do this. I always want to use QF where possible to try and do upgrades but something else has occured to me that might be worth trying: The current BA deals where you get...
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    Travel Adapters

    I actually got mine on a flight with MH. I don't know if that was the cheapest way to purchase it but it was convenient.
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    Travel Adapters

    I use the Kensington that you found online Mal. It's great in that it's compact, seems to work anywhere and it looks very sleek too. The only downside for me is when I plug my laptop power in (a mac adaptor) it becomes heavy and bulky sitting in the main power slot. Easily knocked when...
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    Help Planning Itinerary (please)

    updated itinerary I've changed my plans slightly and am now going to go back to Bangkok after Taipei. So I'm gonna book a SYD-BKK return and hope to upgrade with points each way. SYD-SIN I will do codeshare AY with points in J if possible. SIN-TPE and TPE-BKK I'll go Eva. I have a...
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    Help Planning Itinerary (please)

    Thanks JohnK for your response! Now I have another question: I mentioned that I'm platinum now. I'm toying with the idea of doing what has been often discussed and crediting the points from this trip to AA and gaining status there. I mean I don't need to throw anymore to QF until next year...
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    Help Planning Itinerary (please)

    Would like some advice and suggestions on this routing and the best way to book it. It's not that complicated but hoping to make it as pleasant as possible. 12/5 (departure date flexible) SYD-BKK 17/5 BKK-SIN 22/5 SIN-TPE 27/5 TPE-SYD Is there some kind of OneWorld fare that will be...
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    credit card charges at Flight center

    What kills is when buying an international fare in J or F. Then the fees are huge especially on AMEX. I argued this with Flight Centre and eventually my very kind TA split the fee with me half way, I assume it came out of her commission.
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    I'm sure you will be able to use the AA lounge. I was there a couple of months ago and it is your typical Admirals Club. Not a huge space but fairly quiet and relaxing. You get one drink voucher and there's coffee/tea but not much on offer in the way of food.
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    Free Upgrades - An Update

    I've never had an op-up but a friend of mine with no status recently flew SYD-PEK (on a Chinese Airline, not sure which) and was op-up'd at check in. He was running late for his flight and told when he arrived that Y was full so they moved him to J! Then he had another flight a few days later...
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    Has anyone ever been charged excess Baggage ??

    I have an e-ticket (booked by Flight Centre through QF) and now have flight coupons issued while I was in LHR by BA. The flight coupon says ALLOW 30K. Doesn't mention 2pcs but I would assume that for J/D travel.
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    Has anyone ever been charged excess Baggage ??

    My CX flights were all within my DONE4 and yes I have been to the USA as part of my trip. If, as you say, I am entitled to 2 bags (at 32kg each) I guess I'll be writing to CX for a refund.
  13. C Just Scared Me

    I know it's nice to look out the window when there is a view, but a lot of the time it is night or you are so high above the clouds or it is blindinly sunny - don't you find you usually keep the shades down for the majority of flights anyway? But having said that, I'd still like the option of a...
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    Has anyone ever been charged excess Baggage ??

    I got charged about AU$140 the other week on CX (I think they are pretty strict) as I was 20kg over! oops... I've been on a RTW trip and have 2 bags. The agent asked me to put both bags on the scales at once - haven't had that before. The allowance was 30kg and I was about 50. I've always...
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    AMEX Platinum Cheapened

    I'll be honest and say I enjoy having a card that reflects (in whatever pretentious way it sounds) a certain acheivement or success level. I enjoy the fact I have been able to obtain this card and the helpful benefits it offers to me. I know that the majority of people dont pay any attention...