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Recent content by CaptJCool

  1. CaptJCool

    Hobart Wine, Food and Gin tasting trip – March 21 2020

    Well eventually booked airfares So in late evening 18th March, out early evening 26th March ODI on the Friday Wine, food and Gin Saturday ....
  2. CaptJCool

    Rexit because QF wrecks it?

    A lil problem in the convo here is that kangaroo island is an island. Kinda makes it tough to drive the car over water.... similar issue with PLO...... or Perth to LHR (for that matter). Oh. And we haven’t talked Barcaldine to longreach not Christmas to Cocos.... time v speed v price - all...
  3. CaptJCool

    Rexit because QF wrecks it?

    Something about a bat and ball and taking them home. In all markets. Economies of scale means bigger players have larger hubs and lower cost per unit and can out-price competition. The political system shows us - 2 main players and a 3rd position filled by one or more players. (Consider...
  4. CaptJCool

    Free Two General Qantas Lounge Pass (12/02 expiry)

    Heyo hockey one, hockey two hockey three please check your convo messages as I might be able to assist
  5. CaptJCool

    Looking for a non-Bogan Bali experience

    Pearl of Trawangan - Gili Trawangan, Lombok, Indonesia Was recommended to me by a QF Flightie as authentic island experience
  6. CaptJCool

    Is $10k MEL-LHR rtn on BA in F good value?

    Well, if you are willing to re-position out of Australia, you can fly Europe to Oz return for around A$8,500-9,000 and credit at the QF SC rate... But short of BA you cannot do that ex-Oz unless you take the UA or AA or another rewards program option in which case you need buy miles first and...
  7. CaptJCool

    Rexit because QF wrecks it? A matter for the ACCC?
  8. CaptJCool

    Will Hobart QClub open for Jetstar flights

    Has been a long time policy
  9. CaptJCool

    Whats typical QF points compensation for having broken no IFE

    How much is a faulty seat or footrest worth ? Zero I would think
  10. CaptJCool

    'Enhanced' QF status credit calculator

    Here’s the sand wedge So stuffed up they sandwiched Pee economy between 2 cabins!
  11. CaptJCool

    Do they ever cancel flights that are really underbooked?

    Light load routes would ultimately get canned. A trip to the USA with QF via Auckland, was full to NZ and around 25 people on-board to LA - prob a decade ago now but that route is no more...... PS Going to Perth ON 18 Jan 6.25am, there were maybe 20 PAX. The seat map showed the story so one...
  12. CaptJCool

    Trivago in trouble

    This is all true. Went to a data analytics presentation in 2014 by Expedia and they do own A lot of brands. From a Super Bowl ad, they can determine In real time number of new app downloads etc..... So what they are doing in price pointing customers. Who’s paying the lazy tax? I...
  13. CaptJCool

    Farewell to Rockford - April 2020 Barossa Tour [Sold Out]

    Ummm I’m probsbly more gold than silver Is there an opportunity to “shout” Buzz & Ruby for a night out in appreciation of their wonderful efforts over many years the night before ?
  14. CaptJCool

    SYD BBBB Dec 21 Christmas drinks

    Yea was an article in SMH suggesting it’s months of fix up work as the signalling system was destroyed. Indian-Pacific somehow being re-routed via Goulburn ?
  15. CaptJCool

    Emirates award business availability for Mel-Dxb?

    Via the multi-city option on the site So say Melbourne - Auckland Auckland - destination (same day as above within 24 hours no extra points and less cost)