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Recent content by Cappuccino99

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    Woolworths Rewards Targeted offers

    I've been getting a couple of 3x but today's offer was odd: 1900 points for $115 spend. Random numbers!
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    Qantas Premier Credit Card

    You did better than me. I only got $100 off. Still, better than nothing!
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    Qantas Premier renewal

    yes a few days prior to the anniversary date
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    Qantas Premier renewal

    The best I could negotiate was $100 credit to bring the renewal fee to $199.
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    That was quick (points/sc)

    I'm currently mid flight MEL-SYD and my points and SC have already posted to my account! I don't recall receiving them this quickly before.
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    Woolworths Rewards Targeted offers

    I just received a 6000 points offer for 4 weeks x $50 spend.
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    Flying on QFF anniversary reset date

    I'm flying 2 days before my QFF anniversary this year. I understand I'll lose those sc at reset, but I'll be due dsc. These often post a few days later than flight so what will happen in my case? Will I lose those dsc too?
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    Qantas Domestic & International Business Class meals/menus

    QF631 BNE-MEL 21/7/19 Curried duck
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    Domestic 75% / 50% / 25% SC bonus - Targeted Offer

    woo hoo! 75% here. Might just prompt me to book a flight or two
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    Little Miss TomCat has landed!

    Congratulations! Enjoy every minute, they grow up so fast!
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    Melbourne dinner/drinks 19 March 2019

    Apologies but something's come up and I won't be able to join you.
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    MEL 380 Demise Wake [Saturday March 9]

    Thanks for organising this Cruiser. Good to put faces to names.
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    Free Mega Giveaway III

    Thanks Danger - parcel received today.
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    Melbourne dinner/drinks 19 March 2019

    I'd like to join you please.
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    MEL 380 Demise Wake [Saturday March 9]

    I'm looking forward to the next catch up. No preference on date