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    Wine Glasses, Decanters etc

    We tried it on a 1949 JJ Prum Auslese out of desperation - the wine ended up smelling less musty but remained decidedly flat/scalped of character. There was some discussion last time I looked about a particular type of plastic being needed that was used in some brands for the TCA to bind to it...
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    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    Heirloom Vineyards A'Lambra Eden Valley Shiraz
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    Vinomofo Wine Deals

    I'm not 100% sure about it, but there is a reference on the Huon Hooke review page from someone that says they bought cork sealed ones at a discount a few years back. Could be bottles that were intended for export? Anyway, could well be something else, hard to tell with so few clues but it is...
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    Vinomofo Wine Deals

    The photo on their site is a generic non-vintage one that they use for the 2012 as well, not sure if the 2006 was also (entirely) under screwcap.
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    Vinomofo Wine Deals

    Would guess it is the Murray Street Vineyards 2006 Sophia Shiraz. $120 on their site, 94 from Halliday, another retailer site confirms 15% alcohol. Not a lot of other clues to go on but probably not too many $120 2006 Shiraz still on sale at wineries and this seems to fit most of the available...
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    Vinomofo Wine Deals

    Have seen this offered before and I think it is the Patrick Of Coonawarra, a Wrattonbully & Coonawarra blend (so fits the SA description rather than a specific region), 94 from Wine Showcase, Mike Bennie, Steltzer matches. Price for the 2014 on the producer website matches ($29). Vinomofo have...