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Recent content by caggs

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    Lounges T3 LHR

    Flew out of LHR on 10 sep on QF 10. The BA lounge was packed and the waiting time for the Showers was around 30 - 40 minutes. I swear I was sweating when I left the shower - it was sooo hot in that room, almost made the shower irrelevant, but the change of clothes was worth it.
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    SYD Airport Limos

    I use Omnicar Omnicar $47 airport to CBD. Clean, on time, have used them a few times with no hassels. Cheers
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    Obtaining HK$

    In HK, I have always found the best rates to be the money changers in the little cubicals on the streets. The further from your hotel or markets the better. It pays to shop around, it doesnt take much as they are not far between. I have found a pretty large difference between changers on the...
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    Criminal record and obtaining a US visa

    This is the question you are asked on the VWP form: B) Have you ever been arrested or convicted for an offense or crime involving moral turpitude or a violation related to a controlled substance; or been arrested or convicted for two or more offenses for which the aggregate sentence to...
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    March 2009

    Off to Dubai and back through Singapore. Fri 20 Mar SQ228 MEL - SIN 1700 Fri 20 Mar SQ490 SIN - DXB 2335 Fri 27 Mar SQ493 DXB - SIN 1845 Sun 29 Mar SQ227 SIN - MEL 2100 First time flying Singapore after many years on Qantas, but they dont go to Dubai. Would be greatly appreciated if anyone...
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    First time to Dubai

    Thanks, I will be ticketed, but not for travel on that day. Cheers
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    First time to Dubai

    Travelling to Dubai for the first time in March and arriving early in the morning i.e. before 5AM. Can anyone suggest or recommend any lounges that an arriving passenger can access before leaving the airport? I would rather spend time and freshen up in the airport lounge than pay for a hotel...
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    Visa Waiver Program Question

    As far as the Question about being arrested, it's only if you "have you ever been arrested or convicted for an offense or crime involving moral turpitude or a violation related to a controlled substance; or have been arrested or convicted for two or more offenses for which the aggregate...
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    Melbourne APEC Lane - Inbound

    Arrived back in Melbourne this morning, picked up my duty free and headed towards the left side and - no APEC lane signage....:confused: The immigration hall was reasonably empty so no problem with rocking up to any counter. Has anyone else noticed this, or was it just me missing something...
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    September 2008

    Simongr, JohnK's guess is correct - I am a lowly QC mbr only, therefore no access to the CX/KA lounges. I do miss those days of being a Marco Polo Club mbr, they are such nice lounges. Craig
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    September 2008

    1 Sep 08 - MEL INT QP 1930-2130 QF 29 - Happy to guest 1 2 Sep 08 - HKG 0600-0730 - wouldn't mind if someone could guest me into CX lounge (Flying out KA656 to HGH at 0800):lol: 5 Sep 08 - HGH to HKG 6 Sep 08 - HKG QP 1900 - 2030 QF 86 - Happy to guest 1 Craig
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    June 2008

    7 Jun 08 - MEL INT QP 0830 - 1000 QF 93 13 Jun 08 - LAX QP 2100 - 2300 QF 94 First time through LAX - looking forward to the experience:rolleyes:
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    Duty Free - Melbourne or Christchurch best??

    G'day all, A group of us are flying to Christchurch from Melbourne for a holiday in a couple of weeks for a little skiiing at Mt Hutt. We do like to stock up on spirits before arrival so can anyone who has travelled that route lately let me know where the cheaper sprits are - Melbourne or...
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    Priority Luggage

    It's just MEL airport. It would have to be one of the slowest airports for getting the baggage from the plane to the carosel. It doesnt matter if it is domestic or international, priority tagged or not, the experience remains the same - poor:oops:. Cheers Caggs
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    Travel to Hong Kong

    It's expensive then because it is the season for the Autumn exhibitions in Oct/Nov. You will see that the hotel prices go up about threefold. A reasonable hotel on HK Island in Wanchai is The Charterhouse. It looks a little dated but most of the rooms have been updated. The sports bar...