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Recent content by Cadboy

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    Qantas Premier Credit Card

    I realise that the Qantas cards are issued Citi however, I have seen multiple reports that this does not translate to the Qantas cards. Just called Qantas money and they confirmed... No ApplePay. Sad.
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    Qantas Premier Credit Card

    Does anyone know if this card works with apple pay yet?
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    10,000 QFF points for spending $500 on AMEX Ultimate - Targeted

    The Offer is no longer showing in my offers tab where it was previously after i saved it. Hmmm. Perhaps it has been pulled?
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    Card Promotions ANZ QFF Black - 120k Bonus Points, $275 back after 4-months, $450 annual fee (DEC 2019)

    Dang it. Those 2nd year deals are a killer and becoming more of a trend.
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    Get 15,000 Bonus Points for your everyday purchases

    Got nothing on QF Ultimate or Plat Edge. Poor form.
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    Virgin Flyer Card - now 75k introductory points

    Can you give a your rough income amount vs total combined limits held before application? An how many apps have you had in the last year. I am looking to apply before the offer runs out but very cautious.
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    Woolworths/Virgin Gift Card Offer (2000 Bonus WOW Points)

    Did the 10% off staff discount at Big W work for non wish gift cards?
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    St George Amplify card - $139 for 90k points (discounted fee via specific link)

    I am still waiting on my bonus to come through. Can you tell me what statement they posted on/how long after the spend was met?
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    Targeted - 5000 points for doing a test drive

    I just checked my velocity account and the 5,000 points were posted on the 2nd of October. As a point of reference I never received a call from hyundai following the test drive. I did call the aforementioned 1800 number approximately a week ago to enquire about the the missing points and missing...
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    Targeted - 5000 points for doing a test drive

    I also called 3 days ago because I hadn't received any follow-up call. Still nothing.
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    Bendigo Bank Qantas Platinum MC: 60K bonus / $149 AF / ends 15/06/18 (Updated)

    How many credit pulls have you had recently?
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    Bankwest Transaction account [General Discussion]

    On the statement generated today I can see the 10,000 points will be credited to my account on the next sweep. Account opened mid June.
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    Amex Referrals: 30,000-60,000 bonus points until 15 August

    Since the beginning of this promotion I have referred 4 people whilst holding a Velocity platinum meaning 4 x 60,000 bonus points according to the '400k' cap for this promo (I have not referred anyone this year prior to this promotion). The first 3 lots of 60,000 points posted as expected but...