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Recent content by Buzzard

  1. Buzzard

    AFF Member Stock Discussion

    I may have mentioned LPD in a previous post. A nice 7 fold return for those I know that got in at $0.005.
  2. Buzzard

    1,000 flybuys points for linking Catch account

    Can always black list the email address using my spam filter and I'll never see the emails again.
  3. Buzzard

    Wine lovers musings, amusings and news

    Slightly above my price point 😂
  4. Buzzard

    Solar Panels

    I have chosen what I believe to be 2 very reputable companies plus the RAA road service organisation. I never speak to the cold call peeps or the cheap advertisers.
  5. Buzzard

    Credit for Cancelled Free Amex flight

    I too rang VA today to cancel my Friday SYD flight. Surprisingly I waited only a few minutes to have my call answered (hello QF) by a very friendly and helpful agent. She offered to change the dates of my flights or arrange for a credit. I opted for the credit and was told Amex will be in...
  6. Buzzard

    Scams like these

    Perhaps you need a better spam filter. I can't remember when I received the last spam email.
  7. Buzzard

    AFF Cancer Survivors Thread

    Whinge all you like @rogerkambah, good to get things off your chest. I'm sure everyone on this thread will happily listen and chat. I know I will.
  8. Buzzard

    Solar Panels

    I've just had 3 quotes for solar. All 3 quote for the same thing except the panels. The 3 brands being offered are Trina, Canadian Solar and LG. The quotes are within about $500 of each other. Any opinions about the actual panels? I can quote model numbers if interested.
  9. Buzzard

    Rockfords discussion

    With travel restrictions and so forth, I'd ring and be confident you would get some. Maybe speak to Todd.
  10. Buzzard

    Nice wines I have drunk recently - Red or White

    Rockford Frontignac would work well too.
  11. Buzzard

    Will you vaccinate with Conoravirus vaccine when one is available?

    Until the vaccine becomes mandatory, those that wish to wait for whatever reason are entitled to do so whilst those that want to take it as soon as it becomes available can do so. Who am I to judge?
  12. Buzzard

    Decking around with a pav ... illion

    The aggies will be fine, you couldn't kill them with a blunt axe.
  13. Buzzard

    AFF Member Stock Discussion

    TBH I'm doing OK overall. It's more about what I thought about buying but didn't or bid too low. For example, I bid $1 for QAN but they went to $2.01, not buying APT for around $8 thinking nah, they won't do any good. Same for LPD @ $0.005 and FMG for $9.xx. I thought about BEN @ $6.60...
  14. Buzzard

    AFF Member Stock Discussion

    I'm more like a mug punter 😂
  15. Buzzard

    The Happy Birthday Thread!

    Wishing you a very happy and Covid free birthday @boomy I'm sure several glasses of something nice are being enjoyed.