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    Bug in Qantas' email system for notifying of flight changes?

    I had a two-leg flight booked from HVB to SYD in October 2020. I received two emails telling me the return flight had changed. Both were the same, with details about a change to the second leg (only 5min change). I just now checked the flight on the website. The first leg has been moved 4 hours...
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    Credit card compromised, Citibank tells me to "call back later"

    One other problem with Citibank: If you have a direct debit payment setup, and the fraudulent payments happen towards the end of your payment period, then you might end up having to pay the whole amount (and then have your card go into credit when they get refunded). The only way to stop this is...
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    Economy seat width-pitch

    Are there any good databases of economy seat widths for long-haul flights? The seatguru page Long-haul Economy Class Comparison Charti - SeatGuru doesn't seem very accurate, presumably because there is no standard way of measuring widths. My preferred measure is be a width-pitch (distance to...
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    Qantas "Comfort" Seating [EXST]

    The seat allocation was looking fine until the night before - then we got moved to opposite sides of the aisle! However checkin sorted this out. Not sure if the would have if we hadn't been early. More annoying : checkin staff in sydney said there was no baggage allowance for the extra seat...
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    Qantas "Comfort" Seating [EXST]

    I'm on QF11 on 27 January. (Not coming back until July).
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    Qantas "Comfort" Seating [EXST]

    I've purchased an additional 'comfort seat' on QF11. I'm traveling with my wife, so the plan is to get 3 economy seats by the window on both the 380 and 747. However, Qantas say they can't allocate me these seats. All they can do is put in a seat request, and I need to check in at the airport...
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    Flying home to Melb from Colombo all in J on Ek and still jet lagged and shattered

    Re: Flying home to Melb from Colombo all in J on Ek and still jet lagged and shattere Sun (especially with exercise in the morning) and melatonin work for me. Melatonin via a prescription. Unfortunately sun can be difficult when arriving in winter. How I fly and what I do on the flight make no...
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    Booking AA domestic with QF points

    How do I research and book AA domestic flights with QF points? For example JFK->DFW. When I search for this on the QF website, I just get a # 66002 error.
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    Flight booking sites with Australian transactions

    Yes, I suppose this could always change: Anyway for the record, last week Skiddoo told me they process through an Australian bank.
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    Changing date to outside the booking window

    Do Qantas cheap fares allow you to change the dates for return flights when the desired return flight date is outside the original booking window? I know some airlines allow you to change return flights in this situation without penalty (even for the cheapest tickets). More specifically, I'm...
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    Thai Syd-Bkk in economy

    I think some of the 747s have been refurbished. Are these on the Sydney route now? For example, what is the IFE like?
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    Flight booking sites with Australian transactions

    My credit card (Citi visa signature) now charges extra fees for transactions with entities based outside Australia (even if in AU dollars). I think this is becoming more common. Is there a list of which flight booking sites use AU transactions. I presume this essentially means the bank they put...
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    Thai Syd-Bkk in economy

    What's Thai in economy like for Syd-Bkk now? Are they still using the very old 747s? I flew on one last year and wasn't very impressed.
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    Qantas status credits with EK flight number on Qantas metal?

    Do you get any Qantas status credits when flying on a Qantas plane, but using an Emirates flight number?
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    Successful QF 'Bid Now Upgrades' data thread

    Looks like it was a glitch at their end. Working for me now. (Though I can't actually see the point. On the two (domestic) offers I've received the minimum bid compared very unfavourably to a plain old classic upgrade request)