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  1. BriarFlyer

    Answered Qatar Seating Question

    I thought it would be weird facing backwards, and it did seem that way for approximately 10 seconds at takeoff and landing. Otherwise you completely forget about it...or at least I did. Flying solo, I chose seats closest to the window for a further degree of privacy (you're sitting further...
  2. BriarFlyer

    How does Ticketmaster US work with someone offering me tickets for an event.

    Ticket Monster is a ticket reseller, so they'll have secured your tickets from elsewhere: one of their "ticket partners." In this case Ticketmaster, who seem to be reselling on behalf of someone else (a season ticket holder?)
  3. BriarFlyer


    Keep in mind that if you book after 18 September, you will pay considerably more points.
  4. BriarFlyer

    You can interact with us via SMS

    I have completed payment after finalising a booking via SMS. The agent called me for this final step.
  5. BriarFlyer

    What are the best seats on AC 34?

    We flew, as a couple, in the middle seats and afterward wished we'd taken the windows. It wasn't easy to chat -- from memory, we were enough of a distance apart that it became too much trouble to bother. And we missed the approach views.
  6. BriarFlyer

    Classic rewards booking error 4620 - (c/card details are right!!) and 2+ hours wait for help.

    Fingers crossed that you have the award seats, Jenny, which will kinda/maybe ease your (justifiable) stress esp if you pour yourself a large beverage of choice. (Although if ordered from QantasWine it may not be the beverage of choice!)
  7. BriarFlyer

    QF59 BNE-SFO Bookings open, Classic Awards avail

    My NB self couldn't...but I admit to only checking a few random dates.
  8. BriarFlyer

    QF59 BNE-SFO Bookings open, Classic Awards avail

    I had a quick look at a few dates this morning (just for interest's sake) and didn't see that route at all in the classic rewards search.
  9. BriarFlyer

    QF59 BNE-SFO Bookings open, Classic Awards avail

    Not sure when bookings actually opened. I checked yesterday several times and the flight number wasn't there. This morning I got busy with actual work and only thought to check again around 10.30 and there they sat, just waiting for my click.
  10. BriarFlyer

    QF59 BNE-SFO Bookings open, Classic Awards avail

    Yes. Classic Award seats.
  11. BriarFlyer

    QF59 BNE-SFO Bookings open, Classic Awards avail

    QF59 BNE-SFO starts flying Feb 9, 2020 3 days per week. Bookings have opened. Just secured 2 x J for later in Feb so worth checking availability if you've been looking to get to/from the US.
  12. BriarFlyer

    Mattress for J and F beds

    As another non-camper, I thank you for that explanation of the season "rating" @lovetravellingoz. I did think it rather odd that they'd tell us in advance that our sleep-mat wasn't going to last long. :oops:
  13. BriarFlyer

    Which whizz-bangery are you using to make your flying better?

    I like my Kindle Paperwhite because it's easy on the eyes, more like reading ink on paper rather than a bright screen.
  14. BriarFlyer

    Where can I discuss pros and cons of the Qantas Travel Money card?

    <b) the Citi debit card.- same I suspect.> Citibank Plus "Pay no account or Citi transaction fees and get a free Citibank Debit Card, with contactless payment, so you can shop online, in-store or overseas using your own funds."
  15. BriarFlyer

    Mattress for J and F beds

    Next premium cabin flight: find your fellow Affers by the unfurling of their Ascent 25s. ;)