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    Qantas improves conditions on vouchers

    Has anyone got any confirmation on how they're handling DSCs / ORCs on itineraries where one or more sectors are cancelled? (I have 800 SC earn scheduled for August. I can't see international borders reopening before then, and my sectors haven't run since March. Just preparing for what seems to...
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    Tech Question on Ticketing: When 5 become 2

    I was looking at a 5-sector multi destination trip recently. It was a long return trip with a 2 open jaws, some week-long stopovers, and about 8 flights over 3 continents... ...Except when I look at the itinerary, it gets ticketed as 2 fares! (wtf!) My tech question is: When does an itinerary...
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    QF HKG J to MEL and SYD at HK$22,600 incl. tax

    Based on current exchange rates = $3098.69 AUD I'm seeing HKG, to SYD/MEL on MH @ <$2k AUD. Not QF, but not bad either. Seems to have plenty of last-minute availability too, for some odd reason...
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    Cheap Y flights to Malaysia on MH

    I flew MH the day 370 went missing (ex KUL). I was one of two people in the F lounge, and the flight was 50% empty. Few westerners. A week later it was no worse.
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    Qantas SYD&MEL to SIN $510 ret ($410 through .br site)

    I had the same thing happen on For me, It happened a few weeks after booking, but several months before our departure, so I assume it was as soon as they discovered. (Obv not decolar though)
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    Qantas SYD&MEL to SIN $510 ret ($410 through .br site)

    Iran? Trade restrictions?
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    Cruise Sheet

    I thought this would be a handy resource for cruisers: Cruise Sheet - Hot cruise deals from Sydney, Australia It sorts cruises by price per day. Prices seem to be in USD though.
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    UA rt to LAX for $500

    Yes. One of the reasons I didn't book this mistake fare when there was a slightly cheaper option available. No urgency. Though getting it on the right airlines is worth a few hundred bucks extra IMHO. And I'd do ~$800 return on QF in a blink.
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    The great SC chase

    Got it. Thanks John. Nice one! :)
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    UA rt to LAX for $500

    Hrmmm.... $1396 special ends tomorrow. Includes $680 YQ, which if removed, brings the price to $716. I'm not seeing the usual tricks working... Would love to find out more.
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    The great SC chase

    A visit to a trusted travel agent here could be valuable. There is an unofficial government-subsidized travel program here. A similar (albeit not as valuable) government-subsidized travel program exists in another place too, enjoying zero exclusivity. I know this second program's name is...
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    QF to FRA for $899? [not bookable]

    I'm not so sure... I'm seeing $1587 return on the QF website. The best I can get for a return between those two locations on QF is $1153. No $899's. :(
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    1410 SC's - Platinum!

    Well done! When's your celebratory Flounge run? ;)
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    The great SC chase

    I agree with Serfty. Great work! Enjoy the trip!
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    Cheap Mileage runs on IB ( BA metal) out of Paris to SIN, JNB, others, possibly SYD

    Re: Cheap Mileage runs on IB ( BA metal) out of Paris to SIN, JNB, others, possibly S Exactly what I'm thinking... ...Except with a LM hack to get into Europe in J cheap.