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Recent content by bravoecho

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    Hilton HHonors Member Get A Member

    Hilton are currently running a program where members can get non-Hilton HHonours members to sign up and after your second stay you'll receive 1000 HHonors bonus points, plus the referring member gets points as well. If you are interested send me an email for my details.
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    $55 paper ticket fee

    I agree Shillard. Coming out of NTL last monday to BNE, I was asked to show ID once I went through the metal detector. Caused a lot of confusion with 5 or 6 oldies that were travelling on the same flight.
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    Amex to launch Centurion card

    Apologies for the delay as I have been out of town on business. I have another friend receiving his next week, so I will copy down the details and post. From memory you have twice as many partners on most programs and you earn 1.5pts/$. With an annual fee of $2,800, you'd have to be...
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    Amex to launch Centurion card

    I'll try and get the list tomorrow. The analysis was done under a haze of HP's and a lot of the specfics don't come to mind, however the general concensus by all was that there is a significant difference.
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    Amex to launch Centurion card

    He has 28 days to activate the card, which will denote his acceptance.
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    Amex to launch Centurion card

    AMEX Centurion Regarding the AMEX Centurion, I was at a friends place on Sat night and he received the card friday. It comes in the most unbelievable package - solid wood (maybe cedar) box lined with velvet. He didn't request the card, just a letter from AusPost saying that he had a package...