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    Best place to credit Asiana flight for Virgin Aust benefits

    There's no VA benefits provided by OZ flights. If you credit to SQ you can use KrisFlyer miles to book VA flights, same if you credit to EY (though I think EY does do family pooling).
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    Experiencing Virgin Australia Afresh

    I agree that the removal of tablets is a bit of a step backwards, particularly as QF offer iPad's (I think?), but the addition of the retail menu isn't a step backwards. It's unfortunate that some of the items now need to be paid for, but overall J pax aren't losing out. And compared to QF...
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    Experiencing Virgin Australia Afresh

    Good summary of VA 737 J. I disagree that the SYD lounge is like a maze, it seems like a simple layout to me. Upstairs is great though if you can get up there next time. You were on a flight that's a snack service. Dinnertime is 18:00-19:29. And you don't have to buy anything from the retail...
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    200K Velocity Points - 3 PAX - MEL to CDG -Jul 2020

    Check how many KrisFlyer miles you would need, 200k Velocity points converts to 129k KrisFlyer miles, compare that to booking through VA.
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    Virgin Australia Business Class Catering - Service, Meal times, Menus

    Yes, and as mentioned already it was a misunderstanding. And it's only the Ink Gin that's not complimentary now, the regular Gordon's (I think that's what they have) is still included.
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    Something's Coming...

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    Virgin Australia Business Class Catering - Service, Meal times, Menus

    Flew CBR-BNE recently. Had the satay sticks which were quite nice (could have done with another serving though!). The salad was ok but the honey mustard dressing was vile. Enjoyed the Pana chocolate. My travel companion can't do spicy so no satay or harissa salad for her, but a sandwich was...
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    Which debit card is best overseas?

    I used Citibank Debit for years, then went to U Bank (to get an interest rate bonus on savings) but their requirement to always have money in one account is annoying so I switched to Macquarie. Same as other cards, no currency conversion or ATM withdrawal fees and the app is very good. It...
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    Velocity Platinum Bad deal KrisFlyer Gold lounge

    Delta don’t operate a lounge at LHR, that’s why she was refused access.
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    Virgin in Singapore (VA9942 Fokker 100 at Seletar)

    777 maintenance is done in SIN.
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    SQ question

    The KrisFlyer Gold Lounge in T3 at SIN is closed for refurbishment and pax are directed to the Marharba Lounge where SQ have a dedicated section.
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    SQ refurbishing KrisFlyer Gold lounge in SIN

    I stand corrected. Still closer than Mahraba or Marambai.
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    Lazy FA

    I'm flabbergasted you a) have an issue with that and b) had such a huge issue with it you felt the need to post about it.