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Recent content by blue_bug

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    Any chance of success in asking for a free upgrade?

    I have been very lucky with the op-ups to Y+ in the last 24 mths and I'm just a QC silver. 6 return flights from SYD/MEL to HK, got 4 op-ups in the return legs. However, I have notice the times I was op-up'd I would have had 40C/D or exit row (back when it was auto selected without paying)in...
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    Citibank Plus - No Fee No Overseas Transaction Fee Account

    Just used the card in HK few days ago, with Citi ATM. 30 Jan 2012 INTERNATIONAL ATM WITHDRAWAL REF:000014651 Times Square Br Hong Kong HK HKD3000 INCL INTL TRAN FEE AUD0 AUD 363.23 Dr The exchange rate was 8.26, a little higher than's rate for that day. I...
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    Citibank Qantas Rewards Program going to $2 = 1 point

    Just to add more confusion into the mix, I just got off the phone with Citibank, and they told me that because I had been Platinum/Qantas direct swipe programme since the beginning, the change to the earn rate will take affect on the 1st of July. This is different to what I have received in the...
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    Citibank Qantas Rewards Program going to $2 = 1 point

    Just got a letter today from Citibank telling me that from the 1st of April next year, the Citibank Qantas Rewards program will change to 1 point per $2 spent. This is applied to my Platinum card, and going from the website, it seems to dump down the platinum and push others to the new signature...
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    Your Best Ever Flight Deal

    My best would have been the EK MEL-AKL, AUD$99 each way. Got the email offering J upgrade for AUD$130 to AKL, and then upgraded to F for free, so AUD$229 for F from MEL to AKL. On the way back, got the same offer for NZD$130 and upgraded to J.
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    KLM matching Status

    Just got my matched Silver. It took 2 working weeks of processing time.
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    QANTAS Sale(s)

    Los Angeles$3258 returnPremium Economy4 May - 22 Jun 2011
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    New Next Gen Card and Bag Tags have arrived!

    After much waiting, my kit with PS and QP cards arrived today. Only 2 tags for PS.
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    The Operational Upgrade Thread

    I had 2 return trips to HK from Melb since Dec, and both of the return leg from HK was upgraded to Y+. The Y was fully loaded both times. I did have good seats in Y, once in 40C and the other in 46H. I'm just a PS.
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    Double SC Promo [December 2010]

    Got back last week from HK, and the double SC came up within 2 days of the flights.
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    The Operational Upgrade Thread

    Got op up from Y to Y+ on my way back from HK on the 5th, and I did the OLCI the day before. Maybe that I was abit late to QF desk (5 minutes after the checkin closed :P, damn airport bus). Was hoping to continue the collection of the 40C BPs.
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    Getting exit row seats for free?

    Actually, I have had been move out of it too once coming back from HK. Anyway, I'm just going to enjoy it while it lasts. Still prefer row 40 over exit row any day.
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    Getting exit row seats for free?

    Hi Guys, Just checked in for my flight to HK tonight and ran into some issues with my exit row seat. This is my 5th return trip to HK this year, and I've always booked on the Qantas website, and as usual, got allocated an exit row seat without paying for both legs. I have never had any...
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    Priority Pass in MEL - Virgin Blue and REX flights only

    Used the PP in Brisbane few weeks ago while flying QF. When signing in, they didn't even ask to see my boarding pass or if I was flying that day.
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    Free Giant Toblerone...

    Got my freebie this morning coming back from HK to MELB. I got the email few days ago.