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    Where in Europe should QF009 go for 2 nights?

    My apologies QF009, I've been very presumptuous and you are right - my comments reek of arrogance. Yesterday I was busy meeting with a Mr. B on the Gold Coast, and my 2IC was busy with a meeting with Mr. R in the U.S. Some things have happened recently and I find myself increasingly negative...
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    Where in Europe should QF009 go for 2 nights?

    Well, I doubt we are speaking about the same "boutique" hotels. Nonetheless I agree about the worth of sites such as AFF. But often we get better at our "sports" if we play something else for a while. Anyway, understood - no bad intentions intended or received. Cheers
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    Where in Europe should QF009 go for 2 nights?

    Man..., I was trying to help. If you decide by points/ status where you stay, then you're missing out on a lot, and in my mind are often getting a bum deal. I'm THE top on most programs now and still choose to stay at boutique hotels when appropriate (read - the ambiance/ feeling/ comfort/...
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    Where in Europe should QF009 go for 2 nights?

    Who cares? Do you really need that bowl of fruit and small champas bottle or whatever? Stay innercity and have fun - there's lots of affordable options downtown e.g. see Prague Hotels: Read Prague Hotel Reviews and Compare Prices - TripAdvisor But of course, do whatever makes you ....
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    Where in Europe should QF009 go for 2 nights?

    As mentioned, I voted for Pague but have been to HEL and on the booze cruise you mentioned (helicopter the other way - but for booze cruises the trip to Sweden is much more wild). Stayed at the Hilton in Helsinki and abused the lounge which is quite small - but met some cool locals and went to a...
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    Asian FF Programs

    Presumedly you've seen this page. I'll comment on some of your points though I'm certainly not an expert/ guru. With all respect, to me this is sound economic policy re: showers, though the (absence of) toilets seems a bit harsh. If that's the case, then to me it seems sensible to stay with...
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    Advice Please - Aus to USA in "J"

    I'd agree, though it may be worthwhile to do the sums via BKK on JAL etc if they're running specials now. Seems like a generous offer to me.
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    How do QF know your important ?

    FWIW it's the Personal Secretary (or Personal Assistant/ Aide in a commercial capacity) who calls the designated contact in the airline. Flight arrangements and payments are made directly. Flight and personal information (e.g. preferences) is then passed through the airline channels. No savings...
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    On 2nd thought, it's more likely a unisex yukata commonly provided as an amenity at JAL hotels - though only another guess. I don't wear them and thus pay little attention to them when staying in Japanese hotels.
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    Well, it's not technically a jacket. It's a male yukata in thin material (usually cotton); looks like made for a special festival or route. For example, some type of spring festival, or J class flights to HNL or Guam e.g. But as I usually flew on NH in Japan (* Alliance) I'm not sure.
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    Anybody get annual fee waived for Centurion Card?

    Well, you've caught me out here NYCguy. I can't recall ever having purchased anything from Chanel, but have found several other brandname stores (e.g. Cartier, LV, Prada, Hermes etc on the GC and elsewhere) happy to offer incentives (not monetary, rather goodies) if you're known to the staff and...
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    KUL-SIN shuttle question

    Thanks for the headsup; very useful for planning some regular upcoming trips. Cheers.
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    Anybody get annual fee waived for Centurion Card?

    I have this card also, but centnox has less of a ring about it. NYCguy, of course Chanel are open to bargaining, although I know it's less likely to occur when shopping in pairs... BTW I haven't heard about any waivers for this card personally in Oz, but I did read something in the U.S press...
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    Hyatt Gold Passport 2008 offers

    Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere: Instant Platinum Status Join the Hyatt Gold Passport frequent guest program by March 31, 2008 and receive elite Platinum membership for the first 3 months from your enrollment date. To maintain your Platinum membership through February 2009...