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Recent content by blackcat20

  1. blackcat20

    CHC Dinner Saturday 7th March 2020

    There's no cut off if you're making your own booking.
  2. blackcat20

    TomCat's new digs!

    I've always had second hand couches, even with I still lived at home. We got my grandma's old couch twice. Then mum finally got a new one, which I ended up with. When it wore out I was given the black one. It did the job but I hate it. Hate leather, hate black. I'm a bit excited to get something...
  3. blackcat20

    TomCat's new digs!

    This week's mission is to make over our front lounge room. Its a bit of a no-mans land; right inside the front door, but we never sit in there and it ends up being a bit of a dumping ground. There are boxes from when we moved in.... I hate the black leather couch (a hand me down) and it makes...
  4. blackcat20

    Answered Lounge Access as QF Plat with Children

    QF gold definitely gets you into Flagship.
  5. blackcat20

    AFF Gathering #14 in CBR on 4 - 6 December 2020

    It can vary. I earned points for a St Regis stay through LE.
  6. blackcat20

    AFF Gathering #14 in CBR on 4 - 6 December 2020

    Luxury Escapes currently has the Peppers for $349 for two nights.
  7. blackcat20

    CHC Dinner Saturday 7th March 2020

    We now have two spare spots on our table. If no one puts a hand up I will change my booking next weekend.
  8. blackcat20

    WP "soft landing" to Gold ?

    Ah, yes they do.
  9. blackcat20

    Lounge Access CNS

    Yes you will have access to the Qantas club.
  10. blackcat20

    MEL Corona Wake [Olive Tree, Wed 19th February @7:30pm]

    Good to see some gender diversity there 😝
  11. blackcat20

    TomCat's new digs!

    No, my existing garden has kept me busy enough. We had quite a few apricots for the first time which was lovely, and I'm just waiting for the figs to ripen now.
  12. blackcat20

    Free Free Stuff - x2 QF P1 First Lounge invites expiring 9 Jul 20

    Bummer, though I thought that might be the case. I’m guessing staff may have some discretion but probably not worth the risk 🙁 Thanks for checking.
  13. blackcat20

    Free Free Stuff - x2 QF P1 First Lounge invites expiring 9 Jul 20

    TomVexille and I could make good use of them, but not sure if we’d be denied entry with an infant? We’re doing Mel-Akl on QF155 to connect to HA to HNL for our anniversary in June.
  14. blackcat20

    Angry pax declines to Raise Reclined Seat During Service...

    You've got to wonder how that man behaves at home, if he's that worked up about a reclined seat on a short flight....