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    Cathay Dragon folds -- immediately!

    Email received today ... see below. Yes I have a booking in the system (HKG-PEK in December - I was probably going to change the date anyway) Important information for Cathay Dragon passengers Cathay Pacific has today announced a corporate restructuring in response to the...
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    Regional Destinations - like we ain’t heading OS

    1597016457 Interested to read .... I travelled in a sleeping compartment (for one person) on the "Westlander" from Charleville to Brisbane in 1962. yes: nineteen sixty-two !
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    China Airlines to be renamed

    "Lucky Airlines" is already taken by a PRC carrier (and I've always thought it inappropriate for an airline anyway)! "Oolong" (as in tea) not appropriate because oolong tea comes dominantly from Fujian Province of the PRC. "Mandarin", "Jade" and "Dynasty" seem to be a better short-list.
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    Avianca on the verge of bankruptcy

    Email this morning from Avianca: quote>>: I wanted to reach out directly to let you know about the actions Avianca is taking to make sure we have the financial strength we need to continue serving you well into the future. Today, Avianca voluntarily filed for reorganization proceedings under...
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    What's it like to fly during the COVID-19 lockdown?

    Here's the catering on QF571 - SYD-PER on 21 April: 1589121685 and on QF642 PER-SYD on 23 April:
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    A short trip to Beijing, Australia

    A great read "seanpodge" -- I am usually a Beijing resident [12 years+] (but have been to Harbin a few times). I am currently stuck in Sydney .. so it was great to read your first hand report. I could relate to everything about the "normal" travel aspects and good to get some appreciation...
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    Avianca Life Miles - post your SUCCESSFUL award bookings here

    Just booked (overnight) 1 pax (me) TG SYD-BKK-KUL in J, only 4 days away ! End-to-end flight not visible online, but the individual components were. Took screenshots and emailed them with a request to book, before going to bed. Woke up to the Amadeus booking confirmation, exactly as...
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    QF5005 Syd to Pek via Hangzhou (China Eastern codeshare)

    Many thanks, Lowan74 for a very comprehensive and informative report. Confirms my standing that I will avoid this carrier until thay can improve to a point where they become "value for money". I dropped them 12 years ago when I had violent food poisoning from some "off" pork in one of their...
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    QF5005 Syd to Pek via Hangzhou (China Eastern codeshare)

    Thanks for the suggestion ....but I'm fine with Hangzhou ....... I live most of the time in Beijing, and visit Hangzhou frequently -- it's one of my favourite cities in China! I was seeking feedback from member lowan74 about his experience with the flight and the Hangzhou transfer.
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    QF5005 Syd to Pek via Hangzhou (China Eastern codeshare)

    So...... how was the flight, and the HGH transit??
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    Complexity of transiting through HKG?

    Relax ..... there should be no problems. I have transitted HKG twice a month for the past twenty years, including within the last month. It's a breeze, and the current "issues" are kept well land-side - and even then, not hard to negotiate. ALL airlines are doing their level best to make...
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    Refunds for Hong Kong travel?

    I agree with TheInsider ... the official travel warning for HK is the same as for many other places that you would regard as relatively safe. I was in Hong Kong for four nights in the past week, and I had no problems. In fact on the day of the big protest assembly/march, I found a cosy bar...
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    What former countries/enclaves have you visited?

    Hong Kong (when British Colony, now HK SAR/China) West Germany ) East Germany ) now unified Yugoslavia - now fragmented USSR - now fragmented
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    International Airline Passengers Association ... see : IAPA - Cookies Required Their Travel Insurance package was good, and there were a few other bells and whistles (discounts with global chains, community discussion, newsletters)
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    Don't know how many AFF-ers are also members of IAPA, but it is shutting down ... An email received this evening starts ..; >>> We are writing to all of our members to advise that after 50 years of providing benefits to frequent flyers in a fast evolving travelling culture, and after...