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    New Amex statement credits

    "Spend and get offer" - Spend $500 or more, get $50 back, up to 2 times. Offer expires 31/10/12. Appeared on my Platinum Reserve primary card only.
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    New Amex statement credits

    Offer received today via email: ... here’s how to unlock up to 18,000 Membership Rewards® Bonus Points1 Save The Offer Save this Offer to your Card ending in xx_xx. Spend $7,500 by 15 August 2021and receive 9,000 Membership Rewards® Bonus Points. An Additional Bonus For spend above $7,501...
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    Amex "I'm going to cancel my card" - bonus points given thread.

    My platinum charge annual fee posted 3 days ago. Called up asking for personalised offer. Got offered, and accepted, 30k points. Was always going to keep the card, so the bonus is, well a bonus :)
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    New Amex statement credits

    So just confirming the $400 supermarket cashback offer: purchase of giftcards bought online not eligible, but if bought in-store then ok?
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    Amex Travel Credit - covid implication

    After advice for best course of action for my situation please. - my travel credit expires in a week's time 18 Jan 21, and as others have stated, Amex hasn't decided to extend further at this point - amex online chat said to me i can book up to 10 months in advance. Option 1: do nothing, let...
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    Hilton Canberra (proposed)

    Sorry, article behind paywall, but the idea is dead.
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    Any double points posted yet?

    My double points have posted (checked account 11.47pm 13 June)
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    Reduced AMEX earn rates from April 2019

    Got my notification letter re Amex Platinum Charge program change. The letter included the double points offer, with the paragraph reading: "As a valued American Express Platinum Card member and in recognition of the redemption rate changes, we will protect the value of your existing points by...
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    Combined Marriott and SPG program

    Had gold spg/marriott prior to merger via amex platinum; with one Marriott stay this year and another Marriott stay booked for xmas. Post merger, marriott has become platinum elite (not expected), while spg remaining as gold elite (as expected). Not planning to manually merge my two accounts...
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    Amex Platinum Charge fee up to $1450

    Yes need to be flying Virgin. Just present boarding pass, flash your Platinum Charge card and in you go.
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    AMEX platinum Accor plus reinstated

    Ah I can answer my own question. Just noticed the accor app shows the stay plus credit with an expiry date of 31 Aug 2019. So l assume the accor account year is independent of the amex annual fee year
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    AMEX platinum Accor plus reinstated

    Re the Stay Plus complimentary night, what is the expiry date? I just got the stay plus night credited to my account the other day via Amex, so is the Accor membership annual cycle from date of account set; calendar year basis, or aligned with Amex Platinum annual fee date?
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    AMEX platinum Accor plus reinstated

    Enrolled for AFR last Thursday, activation email came today. Enrolled for Accor Plus last Thurs, no contact yet. Also got the formal glossy brochure from Amex today outlining the new benefits. The brochure specifically mentions Amex Platinum Reserve Credit Card and its $400 travel credit, fee...
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    Qantas American Express Premium card /82,500 QFF points / $249 / $3k spend 3 months

    Re: Qantas American Express Premium card /82,500 QFF points / $249 / $3k spend 3 mont Sorry to say but you shot yourself in the foot by doing this. Should have just activated the card since you already applied, hence your credit record has taken the hit. Worst case scenario, you incur the...
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    Qantas American Express Premium card /82,500 QFF points / $249 / $3k spend 3 months

    Re: Qantas American Express Premium card /82,500 QFF points / $249 / $3k spend 3 mont Yes. I have a david jones Amex (since 2009). I ticked no when asked do I already have a amex card during the application process. Approved. Following approval Amex did send letter saying our records show you...