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    Home delivery of QF Magazine during COVID-19

    Matt I would appreciate the October 2021 edition if it has not been claimed. One of my friends appears in one of the articles and hasn't been able to track down a physical copy. I'm in Brisbane and happy to cover postage.
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    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    This is an… interesting development. While Beem It is owned by EFTPOS which is owned by the banks it’s hard to understand how they can cop the merchant fees Does Beem It even have a revenue stream? I can’t work out the business model on this one even having read all the media on it.
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    Westpac altitude black - switching rewards programs

    Yes. It was not a problem. Just call them and they will send you a form if necessary, but as a recall they could just do it on the phone and don't need a form like St George.
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    CC churning - equifax scores

    Hilarious. I'll have to see what happens to mine when it updates next week. Further confirmation if anyone actually needed it that the number is an entirely made up marketing device which no lender would look at or take seriously.
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    Apply for a $20,000 Flexible Payment Option on your Card

    I haven't received it, but agree with you it's not worth the credit file hit for 12,500 points. The whole thing seems a bit strange but I guess it effectively turns the PC into a credit card with and end of month limit of $20k (rather than a hard limit). Amex's way of trying to earn some...
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    Check Accor Plus free night availability

    Try the app instead of the website. Website is showing nothing for me but app seems to be working.
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    Payment Platforms - What are your thoughts?

    Using the Sniip app for Amex payments is great. About 10 seconds and you're done.
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    Help me Justify $1450 Amex Platinum Charge Card Annual Fee

    Apart from the first year 200k points sign up bonus (for which you are technically not eligible - although some have received the bonus anyway, including me), in my opinion, it is no longer justifiable for most new applicants. It can be justified for existing card holders if the annual fee can...
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    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    Not bad for 3 buck chuck Monday Night.
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    Townsville Security

    Maybe I need to trade the Reds jersey for a Cowboys one? But seriously, it is strange. It's never a serious issue of time for me because I'm always there early, there's rarely a long line and the gates are right there and it's generally only a minor annoyance, but I always walk away scratching...
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    Townsville Security

    Had another (un)enjoyable and uniquely TSV experience earlier in the week. Played the game and had 3x tablets each in their own separate trays but still got pulled up. "WHO'S BAG IS THIS?" "That's mine." "WHERE IS YOU POWER BANK SIR?" "Not sure, maybe in there" [point to front pocket] "SIR DO...
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    Qantas Premier Credit Card

    I have received legitimate texts with the number 1300 992 700.
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    Velocity Wine Store - 11,769 points for $167.88 + delivery

    Has anyone tried this wine? Is it quaffable?