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Recent content by bertoman

  1. bertoman

    ANZ diners Card

    Hi Guys .... cardcollector wrote <<<< >>>> I've tried doing exactly what bertoman has suggested with no luck. I've even asked ANZ how to apply for the Card and they referred me to Diners Club. And I asked them directly for an application form 3 times and each time the operater send sure no...
  2. bertoman

    Any one had any luck ?

    Hello everyone Just wondering if any punters out there have managed to get more than 1.5 points when you politely "threaten" to cancel your card. I managed to to have my annual fee halved last year, mind you I did put 80k through it. Regards bertoman
  3. bertoman

    AMEx telemarketing

    Service ( or lack there of ) is huge issue with CC companies, over the years I have cards from all the majors except westpac and I would rate the NAB far and away the best, so if you want an amex card check out the Ant amex . I have not had a single call in over two years from NAB ( bliss ! )...
  4. bertoman

    ANZ diners Card

    Hi everyone... I've just read a couple of posts where people have got double and even triple sometimes out of Diners. danielh's effor particularly impressive. Currently I have an Amex plat and a ANZ Gold ( not FF ). I was wondering if I change my ANZ GOLD to a ANZ FF Gold...
  5. bertoman

    Comparison: The best points earning Visa/Mastercards

    Little known cards.... Just a quick word on the CUA mastercard and others .... This card is still a sh!tibank card in disguise ..... just like Wide Bay , IMB, Mckay Building society and Maitland Mutual..... My brother has a Maitland Mutual Card, and he has shown me all the paperwork he...
  6. bertoman

    Woolworths EZY mastercard R.I.P

    It's official , the Woolworths EZY banking mastercard officially closed on 8/10/06 and with it , the lucrative 1:1 FF transfer ratio. In the letter they tell you how good the new card is PLUS you get 2:1 transfer of FF now ( that's 1/2 point for every $ spent ) no insurance cover . All...
  7. bertoman

    Woolworths Ezy Mastercard No Longer Offered To New Customers

    mmm ... I wonder how long it will take for WW/CBA to drop the rewards off the card. It's a real shame as it is no secret as this is THE best non amex CC in Australia . Correct me if I'm wrong but if this card goes the way of the dodo , there will be only CBA and Citibank left...
  8. bertoman

    Is there a credit card that ?

    Thanks heaps for your feedback guys ... is the ANZ the only one ! I'm not particulalary fond of gold cards and their high limits ... ( my better half still doesnt understand that you have to pay it pack ) so a nutshell any other cards that offer same as ANZ with lower credit...
  9. bertoman

    Is there a credit card that ?

    Could some learned person out there tell me if there is a credit card that offers protection ( IN AUSTRALIA ) so that you dont have to cop a $20 "damage waiver" per day when you hire a car. I have had a quick look and most of the credit card offerings in AUS seem to only cover you when...
  10. bertoman

    What are the chances of ?

    Thanks for those helpful replies, guys. Just got a few more questions.... I have zero status ...therefore I guess I need to get in as early as possible. Is the best way to book the fares online or by phone ???? Thanks again bertoman
  11. bertoman

    What are the chances of ?

    Just wondering if someone out there could give an honest opinion on something. .....IN a couple of months I will have approx 200,000 points. I would love to take the missus over on a little holiday to the US, but I hear that award flights are few and between to the US. I only really...
  12. bertoman

    NAB Ant Card Bonus finishes soon

    All good things have to come to an end and the double points finishes in about five weeks ...anyone out there know is National plans to extend this offer....or if any other bank / card plans to offer more than 1.5 points per dollar spent ? Thanks berotman
  13. bertoman

    Amex Rewards Maximiser bonus 3000 points

    Bonus 3000 points Just saw an advertisement in the Sunday Herald for new customers applying for the Amex rewards Maximiser .....The website is Hope this helps - bertoman