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    Marriot Bonvoy Transfers to QFF

    Awesome news! Glad that he problem has been resolved.
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    Marriot Bonvoy Transfers to QFF

    My points have arrived! They came through late Friday afternoon, following a call with my contact at Bonvoy who advised that their back-end issue has been resolved.
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    Marriot Bonvoy Transfers to QFF

    Apologies for the delay; after being frustrated at the merry-go-round responses I used some contacts to reach out to senior Bonvoy management for intervention. They confirmed to me that there is a system failure between them and QF, meaning that the transfers cannot occur. QF will not accept...
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    4 weeks and Marriott still havent transferred my miles to QANTAS

    an ongoing saga (I started a thread in the QANTAS forum as well) ... long story short: - Bonvoy claim they are 'experiencing issues' with airline transfers - I have friends who have had no issues with QANTAS transfers - initally claimed would be done in 7 days - then advised it would be done by...
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    Marriot Bonvoy Transfers to QFF

    Here's an update from Bonvoy ... apparently they are 'backed up' and I should expect to wait up to 6 weeks! I also like the 'cut and paste' job at the end, where the formatting is completely different :-S
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    Marriot Bonvoy Transfers to QFF

    standard transfer rates of 3:1. SPG offers a bonus if you transfer 60000 points (15000 bonus) so all up I am expecting to receive 25000 QFF points ... when they finally arrive. @goldenhorn yes, I was wanting them for a specific routing and of course the seats are now gone. Sigh.
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    Marriot Bonvoy Transfers to QFF

    Hi AFFer's, Just some information for anyone considering a points transfer from Bonvoy to QFF. Currently at 3 weeks and counting, with no guarantee of when the points should hit my QFF account. See attached correspondence from Bonvoy (with personal details redacted to protect the innocent!)...
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    Qantas A380 refurbishment news and updates.

    But La Gaia Unedited is a beauty brand for women; taken directly from their website: LaGaia Unedited has been specifically designed for women who want to restore mind, body and soul with a sophisticated and focussed beauty regime. I'm all for having male and female options, but if you are only...
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    Velocity have messed up my Award Booking - HELP

    So, I received a follow up call from Velocity tonight and I was indeed prepared for the worst (especially when in a previous call they advised that they would put a J class seat on hold). Anyhow, my jaw fell to the floor when she advised that they would indeed be able to ensure a seat in F to...
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    Velocity have messed up my Award Booking - HELP

    Sorry I haven’t updated - so far, not much to update. Velocity have referred this to Etihad who declined to make any changes to the booking. I refused this so now it has been escalated again back to Etihad (presumably to someone more senior). If anyone here has contacts in either Virgin or...
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    Are there any Q Credit promotions coming up that anyone is aware of?

    I'm 200 Q-Points short of Platinum and would love a double credit promotion to help push me along!!!
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    Velocity have messed up my Award Booking - HELP

    Tonight I made a redemption with Velocity for my partner from (City A) to (City B) on Etihad in First Class. After the reservation was made, and call had ended, the itinerary was sent to my partner and we immediately noticed that the ticket was issued in my name (although my name was spelt...
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    Oneworld Connect - Fiji Airways

    I too, concur that OneWorld Connect is pretty much a joke. I am a QR WP / OWE and recently booked and travelled from SYD/NAD return in J on revenue tickets. Both flights were booked with QF but SYD/NAD was operated by FJ and the return was operated by QF. I was denied access to the QF F lounge...
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    Emirates Sydney F Check in times ?

    THis is great information - what is the source? From your own experience?
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    Dare to Bear it ALL!

    These two little bears are like Papa Bear and went straight for the Dom