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    upgrade/award flight question

    I am booked in economy on a singapore - london flight tonight (saturday 27 october).. i just found out my upgrade request was declined. this sector is part of a ticket from melbourne - london return. i have noticed quite a few BA award flights available in business class for next week and...
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    Live TV on Virgin Blue

    is it a pay-per-use service? it's free on jetblue..
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    How likely is an upgrade?

    i got upgraded MEL - LAX in september last year and then again on the way back in october. i was bronze so i was very surprised that both the upgrades came through so easily - they were both confirmed on the website about 12 hours before the flights. i was surprised given how everybody on this...
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    upgrade question

    it didn't clear so i've changed my flight to next week. i know my chances won't be much improved with the short notice and all but i thought i may as well give it one more shot since i missed out this time. i'm now booked on QF 93 MEL - LAX on monday june 12, connecting with QF 107 LAX - JFK...
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    upgrade question

    nothing has happened at all at this point. i'm not liking my chances. if nothing happens at all by midnight i think i'll give up hope.
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    upgrade question

    Hi, I am flying MEL - LAX tomorrow and have requested an upgrade to business. last time I did this it was successful and when I checked my booking on the Qantas website the night before it said upgrade - confirmed. Just wondering what it will say if the upgrade is not successful??? Will it...
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    silver status

    whoops.. i'm in melbourne
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    silver status

    i'm 30 status credits away from silver (needed by the end of june). what's the cheapest way for me to get there and should i bother? thanks.
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    Best value *Alliance program???

    I am flying Singpore Airlines first class MEL - PEK and HAN - MEL in April. I am a member of Air New Zealand's loyalty program after travelling on Air NZ to the states a few years ago and have something like 250 airpoint dollars (most of my travel has been with Oneworld airlines). Should i...
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    chance of an upgrade?

    I'm on QF103.. so hopefully it will work out. Thanks so much for the information.
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    chance of an upgrade?

    I'm flying from Melbourne to LAX this Saturday. I have an economy ticket and I have requested an upgrade to business class using my dad's frequent flyer points. He is a platinum member. Does this improve my chances? We only did it last week so I'm not holding my breath but I was just...